How To Replace a Seiko NH35 Rotor With Custom Rotor

Seiko is one of the most versatile and flexible watch brands in the market today. This brand offers a massive collection of customizable watches that come with various cases, dials, rotors and bracelet styles you can use to personalize your timepiece accessory.

With the right Seiko parts, you can easily modify your watch to your liking. You can have it match your style, personality, or taste. But if you’re practically new to the scene of watch customization, it’s better to start with a simple project that you can effortlessly accomplish by yourself—replacing your Seiko NH35 rotor.

And without further ado, here’s a helpful guide in doing that.


Of course, just like any project, you should first prepare everything that you need. Aside from having your rotors ready, it would be best if you gathered the necessary tools for this DIY project. Fret not, though. There are only a few things you’ll need for customizing your watch.

For replacing your Seiko NH35 rotor, you must have the following instruments: screwdriver, case back opener, finger cots, tweezers, rodico and hand pump. These tools are practically easy to find, so you won’t have any problems getting your hands on them. However, it’s vital to check whether these pieces are compatible with your watch, especially the screwdriver. Otherwise, you’ll risk damaging your precious accessory.


Once you’ve gathered and prepared everything you need, it’s time to commence the DIY process. Find yourself a suitable working table and follow the step-by-step guide below.

Step 1: Remove the Case Back With Care

Meticulously align the pins of your case back opener to three notches on the case back of your watch. To do this, rotate the thumbwheel to adjust two of the pins. This will allow them to fit into two of the notches on the case back. Afterwards, turn the handle to tune the position of the bottom pin.

Once everything is in place, apply firm pressure to the case back opener while pressing against the crystal to prevent it from slipping. Carefully loosen the case back by turning the case counterclockwise. You can then start unscrewing it with your hands. Once removed, place it on a clean surface with the inner side facing down.

Step 2: Detach the Existing Seiko Rotor

To remove the rotor, you must unscrew the fasteners holding it down. Thus, it’s essential to use a suitable screwdriver thin enough to fit if you don’t want to damage the components of your watch. Carefully insert the tool into the slot and rotate it in a clockwise manner. Apply a slight pressure from the end of the screwdriver to prevent it from slipping. Afterwards, use the tweezers to remove the screw and the rotor.

Step 3: Put the Custom Rotor in Place

Pick up the rotor using your tweezers and carefully place it on the central post. Secure it by fastening it loosely. Use your finger cot to rotate the rotor, then make sure all the gears are correctly engaging. After confirming this, you can then tighten the screw and reattach the case back to finish up.


It’s not at all that difficult to replace your existing Seiko rotor with a custom one, so you can do this even if you’re a novice in personalizing watches. Just make sure to follow the steps above appropriately and handle your watch carefully.

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