How To Replace The Bezel On Your Seiko Watch with Mod Parts

The wonderful thing about many watches is that there are plenty of ways to customize it according to your aesthetic preferences. With the many mod parts for Seiko and other watch brands out there, there are nearly limitless options when it comes to achieving the right look.

That’s why this guide has been assembled: to help you modify your watches to your liking. Read on to learn more about modifying watches with Seiko mod parts.

What you’ll need

There are a few specialized tools you’ll need when customizing your watch, and it is important to have them on hand even before you begin. These tools are:

  • A watch case knife. This is a tool used to pry snapped-on casebacks. It has a thin edge and a handle with which to apply pressure. They are relatively cheap and not hard to find, but any edge thin enough to fit between the bezel and the case should do so long as it’s strong enough to pry the bezel off.
  • The bezel. The bezel is the outer part of the turntable ring. Different bezels come in different styles, such as the coin edge and knurled edge. They also come in varying thicknesses.
  • The bezel insert. The insert is the colored part of the bezel. Most bezel inserts offer different choices in terms of colors, but some specialized bezels, like a dual time bezel, can help tell you additional time information.
  • Adhesive. This is optional, but using adhesive on the insert as it is applied to the bezel can help hold it in place. Most bezel inserts come with dedicated adhesive tapes. If adhesive tape wasn’t provided, double-sided tape may work in its place.

How to change the bezel and bezel insert

The procedure for modifying your bezels is as follows:

1. Remove the old bezel

Some bezels are secured onto the case in different ways. Some use screws, while others rely on the case’s construction. For most watches, the bezel is just snapped on, so it should be easy enough to pry it off.

Slide your watch case knife into the gap between the bezel and the case. If the watch is new, it will take considerable force to snap off. For dive watches, there are notches at the 12 o’clock mark to make this step easier. Make sure to push the knife in all the way, then slowly pry the bezel off.

2. Install the new bezel

To avoid damaging your workspace, try to place a protective layer between the watch and the surface. A stack of papers or sticky notes should serve this purpose well enough.

After you’ve placed your protective layer, put the case flat on it. Press one side of the bezel in first, and then press the other sections into the case. If applied correctly, it should be possible to rotate it freely. If it is unidirectional, it should also turn in just one direction. For some models, you need to make sure that the click ring is in place before you press in the new bezel.

3. Apply the new bezel insert

Peel off the back of the adhesive tape then align the 12 o’clock mark of the insert with the chapter ring. Insert it into the bezel, and then work it to make sure it has been applied firmly.

In conclusion

Seiko mod parts are available for every aesthetic preference. Before you set about modifying your watch, it is important to understand the proper procedure to avoid damaging the device and its parts. Done the right way, you can enjoy a watch customized perfectly to your sense of style. If you’re looking for a UK supplier of Seiko mod parts, send us a message at We have a great selection for every kind of watch enthusiast.

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