How You Should Deal With a Broken Watch Glass

So, the one thing that you ended up fearing the most actually happened: your watch glass ended up breaking.

While you were absolutely sure that your beloved timepiece was indestructible, a shattered watch glass is more than enough to show you the truth behind it all. Unfortunately, such a problem is never expected, making it difficult to act fast and nurse your piece back to perfect shape.

At this early point, your head is probably filled with many questions and curiosities over how you should deal with a problem that you’ve never experienced your entire life. With the horrifying sight of your beloved watch not having a piece of glass where it should be, it can be quick to jump straight to assumptions, such as: 

  • “Is it going to be more expensive than buying a new watch itself?”
  • “Does this mean that I’ll never get to wear my watch ever again?”
  • “Should I just get a new watch?”

Everything you need to know

With all that’s going on in your head, and how panic-inducing the sight of a broken watch is, it’s best to step back and calm down a bit because dealing with the problem at hand isn’t as difficult as you might expect it to be. To help ensure that you take the right steps moving forward, here’s everything you need to know if your watch glass breaks: 

Why does a break happen?

Generally, watch glasses can break easily because of various reasons and mistakes that many of us make at any point in time. Here are the most common causes of unexpected breaks, cracks, and shatters:

  • Careless collisions: Responsible for most cases of broken watch glasses, careless collisions come in the form of a random event—whether it’s a careless doorknob hit, an accident during work, or a fumble during a skiing trip!
  • Unexpected drops: If you decide to put your watch aside for a bit and accidentally drop it during handling or accidentally swipe it off a tabletop, then it’s best to expect that it will result in a break in your watch glass.
  • Temperature effects: In rare cases, watch glasses can break when exposed to excessive heat (much like regular glass), especially considering how thin it is. 

The standard course of action

When you deal with a broken watch glass, you won’t have to worry about getting a completely new watch because all you’ll need to do is get a replacement and have it installed. Depending on the degree of breakage, you should carry out a few extra steps to accommodate any risks of further damage to your watch’s other components:

If your glass is cracked or chipped: While the damage may not be as severe, it’s important to get a watch glass replacement if you begin to see cracks on your timepiece’s face because it can end up smashing over time. Once you spot a mild-to-severe crack, all you’ll need to do is pull the assembly apart and pop a new glass in! 

If your glass is smashed: If you’re dealing with a smashed watch glass, you’ll need to act fast because more damage can appear as the hours and days pass. If your watch is in such poor shape, you’ll need to pull out the crown of your watch right away to prevent shards of glass from getting caught up in the movement before you send it over for repairs!

A silver lining

Although you might feel a bit of disdain when you see the glass on your watch break, you shouldn’t worry too much about it because it bears an opportunity for improvement in the form of a sapphire crystal swap. If your Seiko piece needs a full-fledged glass replacement, then you can opt for a stronger and more attractive replacement by ordering your sapphire crystal from! 


Dealing with a broken watch glass can bear an understandable level of fright and frustration because of how heartbreaking it is to look at—but the solution is much simpler than you’d expect. Through this guide’s help and the key points mentioned above, you can help ensure that you get your beloved timepiece back to perfect shape in no time! 

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