Modding 101: Which Parts of Your Seiko Watch Can You Mod

parts of a seiko mod

If you’re a watch aficionado, there’s no doubt that you’re familiar with Seiko. The brand is known for its stylish watches that are extremely precise and durable. And for those who love modding, Seiko’s SKX series is a staple that they can never be without.

The SKX series is notable for its compatibility with various watch mod components. Other Seiko watches suitable for modding include the Seiko 5 Sports series, otherwise known as SRPD or 5KX. This series has a lot of similarities with SKX watches.

Seiko’s SKXs and SRPDs are a favourite among users who love modding. Nearly all of the parts of these watches can be modified, which makes working with them a treat. If you are interested in modding your own Seiko watch, these are the parts you can start working on:

1. Bezel

One of the most prominent features of a Seiko watch is its bezel. The SKX series, in particular, has mod bezels that can let you subtly highlight your style and uniqueness. When you’re modding this element, consider getting bezels from notable brands, such as Pilot, and ones similar to the SRPD series.

Bezels are ideal for various inserts, including flat steel, flat ceramic, and sloping ceramic. If you want your modified watch to look more luxurious, you should opt for ceramic inserts. But if you’re on a budget, metal inserts work just as fine and look just as stylish.

2. Hands

One of the goals of modding watches is to make them look unique and luxurious. By modifying the hands and dials, you can instantly make your watch appear high-end. Since the hands are the parts you will really look at when you check the time, it pays to modify them.

The market is teeming with hands that you can use for modding. Some have unique designs and can even be customised to your liking. Popular choices include cathedral and field styles. The colours also range from black to silver, so you can choose one based on your preferred aesthetic.

3. Dial

When you’re modding your watch, you need to remember that the hands and dial need to look cohesive. If you’re going to mod one, then you have to switch up the other as well. Fortunately, Seiko mod watch providers manufacture a wide range of custom Seiko dials for modders.

If you plan on modding your dial, you’ll be pleased to know that there are many colours and designs to choose from. However, if you’re working on an SKX or SRPD watch, remember that it has a 4 o’clock crown, which could be a bit difficult to modify.

4. Movement

Although modding the movement of a watch is not easy, it is still possible. If we focus on the SKX series, it has a 7S26 calibre known for its automatic movement. Although it is reliable and has been a staple for Seiko’s no-battery watches, it still lacks certain features, such as hand-winding and hacking. Switching it with an NH35 calibre will help you upgrade the movement.

5. Straps

In contrast to the movement, the easiest part to modify and customise is the watch’s straps. The SKX series, in particular, has numerous options. You can switch between straps made from silicone, nylon, metal, leather, and more. If you would like a classier look, it’s best to opt for a metal bracelet.

Final Thoughts

Personalising and modding your watch can be extremely fun to do. After all, you can confidently say that it is one of a kind and made just for you. To get the parts you need, it’s best to check out shops that specialise in modding.

At Seiko Mods, we have a wide selection of parts for your modding needs. We specialise in the design and manufacture of Sapphire crystals and other Seiko mod parts. To learn more about our modding products, contact us today.

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