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We were all NOOBS once, don’t feel bad, ask as many questions as you like. Try your hand at watch modding! We will be adding further helpful information in due course. As a complimentary service for the new watch modder, we’ve opened up a dedicated email address for you to send us your queries. To preserve the utility of this email address, we ask that it only be used for new watch modder inquiries. If that is you, welcome!  – Happy Modding


This is a question we get asked constantly, based on my own personal experience this is the advice from one who was a total NOOB not too many years ago!

Purchase one of the basic cheap tool sets widely available in the market. This imho is the best way to start, you will find out quickly if this is a hobby you are capable of, interested in or not. Some will drop out at this stage, so I don’t want you to unnecessarily waste money on what can be pretty expensive tools. If you find it’s for you then can gradually purchase much better tools over a period of a few months/years. It’s a great hobby/pastime and I hope you can experience the pleasure and joy I have. The majority of my top modding associates started in this basic way, they went on to become pretty much expert in what they do with a top spec workbench.


You will need a Crystal Press and Blower. Again the basic ones will do at this stage.


Start with some basic jobs first to build your confidence. Changing a strap or bracelet, opening the case back, adjusting a bracelet. Then progressing steadily to jobs like bezel replacement/removal, bezel insert change, crystal/glass change. Rushing leads to problems and potential damage to your watch so take your time do research and check the many very helpful videos online.


Crystal, Hands, Dial and Chapter Ring replacement will require removal of the watch mechanism/movement this personally was an area I struggled with in my noob days when videos were not around. Removing the crown/stem was a testing experience but nowadays this info is widely available literally in seconds. Again do your research check the many vids available. Additional tools are required for hands removal and setting.


When you progress to day/date wheel replacement and movement repair that’s a good moment to buy a good screwdriver set and good set of tweezers. Such sets will stand you in good stead for many years to come.


Please do not hesitate to contact us we will be very happy to help you. The noobs of today are our valued customers of tomorrow. We want to give you the best chance possible in joining the watch modding family it can be a very rewarding experience.

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watch parts

Visual overview of basic watch parts

Visual model of watch parts on a seiko

movement help

What movement do I need?

1) Dial Selection

No Date Dial - NH35 or NH36 can be used

Date and Day/Date* Dial - NH35 or NH36 can be used

2) Case Selection

3 o'clock crown case - NH35 NH35 fully compatible 

4 o'clock crown case, NH35 and NH36 can be used. However these are crown at 3 movements.

*If you are using the NH36 day/date movement the DAY wheel will unfortunately be misaligned when using your standard SKX007 Dial. The NH35 NH36 DATE wheel is fine. Only the DAY wheel from the NH36 will be misaligned.

*To resolve this day wheel issue, you'll have to acquire a day wheel from a crown at 4 SKX007 7S26 movement and the black movement holder. The black movement holder will allow you to use your original SKX007 dial with crown at 4 feet positioning should you wish.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you require any assistance