Our 3-Step Guide on How to Give Your Watch a Bezel Upgrade

CT237 SKX007 SRPD Marine Master MM Bezel

One of the best things about modern dive watches is that people can mod their timepieces and transform them into new watches. Whether it’s by changing, replacing, or upgrading your bezel or bezel inserts, a simple switch can dramatically reconstruct the whole look of your watch. 

Watch upgrades and mods are quite popular with Seiko mods, and for watch enthusiasts, it’s worth knowing how to give your bezel an upgrade the right way. However, the whole transformation experience can be quite overwhelming for some people, especially when picking the watch apart. 

If you’re thinking of giving your timepiece an upgrade, keep reading. Below is our quick 3-step guide on how to do a bezel upgrade. From the tools you need to how you should mod — we’ve got you covered. Let’s take a look!

The Different Tools and Parts You Need

When doing a timepiece mod, you don’t really need fancy equipment; you just need the right ones. Here’s a list of things you need for a successful mod:

Watch Case Knife

To pry snapped-on casebacks, a watch case knife is a tool you should use. It’s designed with one thin edge and handle where you should apply pressure with. Thankfully, it’s inexpensive and easy to find. But if you don’t have one and you’re enthusiastic about changing your bezel, a tool with a razor-thin edge should still do the trick.


The outer metal part of the turntable ring of your watch is the bezel, and bezels can come in different styles and thicknesses. Because of this, it’s best to look for Seiko mod manufacturers who carry high-quality bezels to give your timepiece the upgrade it deserves. 

Bezel Insert

Bezel inserts differ mostly aesthetically, but some can tell you additional information on time. So whatever look or function you’re going for, there may be a bezel insert made for you.


An adhesive, although it’s optional to have, is applied to the bezel insert onto the bezel. Usually, these will come with the bezel insert and would have the precise dimension of the insert. 

3 Steps on How to Change Your Watch’s Bezel and Insert

Step #1: Remove the Old Bezel

For Seiko dive watches, their bezels are snapped on and to remove this; you’ll need your watch case knife. You’ll need to insert the knife into the gap between the case and the bezel, but note that it may be much harder for new watches to pry open, so you may need considerable force. 

Once the knife is in the gap, push the knife all the way in and pry the bezel off. 

Step #3: Install Your New Bezel

The great thing about installing a new bezel is that it isn’t rocket science; you just need to press and snap the bezel onto the new case — it’s that simple!

However, you should note that, depending on the construction of the case, there may be a click ring between the case and bezel. Because of this, before snapping on your new bezel, ensure that the click ring is in place. 

Additionally, ensure that you’re working on a flat and solid surface because snapping on the bezel would require force.

Step #3: Apply Your New Bezel Insert

When you’re done snapping your bezel, peel off the adhesive tape of your insert, align the clock to 12 and stick your insert on your bezel. Once it’s there, make sure everything is secure and that you’ve applied your insert firmly. 

The Bottom Line: Transforming Your Watch is Easy as 1-2-3

Now that you know how to give your watch a much-needed bezel upgrade, all you need to do is to look for the perfect Seiko mod and follow these three easy steps. Trust us — you’ll be surprised with how easy it is to give your watch an upgrade and walk out of your home with a completely new watch!

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