Our Guide to Fixing your Seiko’s Problematic Dial Installation

For avid watch collectors who like to mix and match mod parts, it’s important to note that the watch hands are the most critical features that can make or mar the look of your timepiece. It’s literally the face of the watch, which means any flaws in your installation can reflect the overall finish in obvious ways.

Checking the Quality of Your Dial Installation

When checking for the quality and correctness of your dial installation, the first thing you need to look at is how low the dial should go into the movement holder. You know it’s done right when the space between the dial and the movement is less than 1mm, though a few millimeters more won’t necessarily hurt its appearance.

What Happens if the Dial Doesn’t Go In Further?

As mentioned above, going a few millimeters above the recommended number is fine, but problems can occur if the dials don’t go in further. Nonetheless, it’s never a good idea to force the dial inside as it will only do more harm than good, resulting in potential dents to your dial.

In the worst-case scenario, the dial can even break. With that in mind, it’s better to take your time aligning the foot of the movement to the other end of its foot as this will make it easier to slide the movement in.

Choosing the Best Color for Your New Watch Dials

Now that you know the proper ways to install your watch dial, you can go all out on picking the right color and style that matches your personality.

1. Blushing Beauty

If you’re going for a bolder approach with your mod, why not go all out by playing around with soft yet visually striking hues like Crystatimes’ CT813 Pink Sunburst Dial for Seiko’s SKX013 model?

2. Enthusiastic and Energetic

You can also go brighter with the CT812 Orange Sunburst Dial, which is best suited for Seiko’s SKX013 200M 0020 7S26 to 0030 and CT706 to CT709 cases. This choice says you’re not afraid to make a loud fashion statement for your ensemble, making it the perfect pick for showing our energy in business or sport settings.

3. Mature and Sophisticated

On another note, you can go for understated elegance with the new CT824 Red Wine Sunburst Sandwich Dial. The classy maroon tone paired with the icy, chapter ring combo looks divine when worn with formalwear, so get swap your dials with this mod if you’re looking for a more upscale feel.

Keep in mind that most of our dials are tailored with specific sizes for the feet, so simply cut off the excess feet you don’t need.

The Bottom Line: The Importance of Knowing Different Ways to Damage Your Watch During the Dial Installation and How to Avoid Them

Seeing as the dial makes up most of the entire appearance of the watch, taking the necessary measures to check for the quality of your dial installation matters if you don’t want to compromise its aesthetics and functionality.

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