Our Guide to Modding the SKX Watch Bezel and Bezel Inserts

Perhaps a few of the biggest reasons people get into timepieces are the watch’s parts and components, other than the watch’s functionality. While aesthetics undoubtedly play a huge role in the interests of watch enthusiasts, another big reason people enjoy watches is the modding aspect. 

Seiko watches, in particular, are extremely popular for their modding abilities. Thankfully, throughout the years, Seiko doesn’t shy away from their ability to ensure they produce various parts that are perfect for modding. 

From SKX, Turtles, or Sumo, watch modification doesn’t only improve the aesthetics of your Seiko watches, but it can also protect the lifespan and value of your favourite timepieces.

So if you’re interested in getting into modding, it pays to familiarise yourself with Seiko mod parts like bezels and bezel inserts and how to correctly “mod” your pieces. Let’s take a look!

Our Step-By-Step Guide to Modding Your SKX Watch

Step #1: Remove the Bezel of Your Watch

When you’re removing your watch’s bezel, make sure to use a strong and sharp prying tool. In that regard, ensure that you use a case holder to secure the watch while you work on detaching the bezel. After inserting the bezel between the teeth and watch frame, remove the bezel by twisting the tool, and it will then pop open. 

Step #2: Remove the Bezel Insert

Removing the bezel insert is pretty easy since a double-sided adhesive holds the insert. Because of this, there are actually two ways to remove the insert—you can either chemically or physically remove it. 

We recommend using a sharp penknife from inside the bezel and bezel insert and working your way through the bezel insert track. This way, you get to work your way through the adhesive, loosening the bezel insert for safe removal. 

Step #3: Fit the New Bezel into the Watch

Once you’ve removed the bezel and bezel insert, you can finally fit your new bezel in your timepiece. Of course, it’s crucial to ensure that you’re using Seiko mod parts that are compatible with your watch to ensure a snug fit. 

When you fit the bezel into the frame, apply appropriate pressure until you hear a click sound, and after that, you can put in your new bezel insert. 

Step #4: Put in Your New Bezel Insert

After fitting your bezel, you can put in your bezel insert, but of course, you need to ensure that your bezel’s surface is clean. To remove dust and dander, use a cotton swab soaked in a 70 per cent ethanol solution. After that, you can use adhesive to finally secure your new bezel insert into the watch. 

The Bottom Line: Make Sure You’re Using High-Quality Seiko Mod Parts

The Seiko SKX has a modding community that’s very credible. This is because the Seiko SKX is very easy to modify and affordable. And with the availability of hundreds of Seiko mod parts that are easy to install, it’s no wonder why the SKX is one of the most favourite dive watches for enthusiasts. 

So if you’re looking to mod your Seiko watch, you can upgrade your timepiece’s look and feel while creating a timepiece that’s designed to withstand the test of time.

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