Our Guide to the Best Seiko Dive Watches for Every Budget

Watchmakers have always strived to push the functionality of their timepiece, taking pride in using their craftsmanship to combine beauty and wide-ranging usability for as long as watches have been worn on wrists. Beyond collecting larger-than-life luxury brands, there’s a reason watches remain a novelty in a digital world where mobile phones can tell the time for you. 

Brands like Seiko come out on top as one of the most diverse in the world of watches, providing ingenuity in their line-up as they offer dive watches that can pack as much panache as it is practical no matter the budget. They’re known for their SKX line-up, which pursues incredible underwater usability combined with its killer looks. 

Whether you’re a professional diver who is on the hunt for the next best watch that can resist the pressures of the ocean or a beginner who wants to dip their toes in the extensive capabilities of Seiko, there is a diver watch that suits your price range: 

Seiko 5 Sports SRPD51 

While it isn’t the lowest price on Seiko’s roster, this model comes at a bargain price that guarantees incredible quality, comfort, and versatility. With a 100m water resistance and solid automatic movement, its tag of $295 is sure to be a bang for your buck. 

Seiko Prospex “Samurai” SRPB53

One of the most stunning entry-level dive watches under Seiko, the “Samurai,” is a model iconic for its perfect balance of power and style. It suits professional divers thanks to its incredible 200m of water resistance, making it robust enough to withstand harsh underwater conditions. 

It can take a beating and still come out looking elegant with its characterful designs, making its price of $495 a great deal for those who want to level up their Seiko collection. 

Seiko SPB053

A homage to Seiko’s first dive watch called “62MAS,” the SPB053 is a newly-improved rendition that took all the highlights of the original and dialed it up to eleven. It comes at quite a hefty price of $800, but its incredibly hard coating, 200m water resistance, rugged charm, and unprecedented durability make it a luxurious timepiece that is still relatively accessible. 

Seiko Prospex “Willard” SPB151

Sweeping the world with its two stunning iterations of black and olive-drab green, the Willard is chock-full of compelling specs that make its luxury pricing of $1,300 worth every penny for being known as the “true instrument” for a diver’s wrist. Being ISO-6425 certified, 200m water-resistant, and an undeniable looker, this model takes the cake for being one of the best in Seiko’s Prospex line.

The Bottom Line: Seiko Dive Watches for Every Style and Price 

Seiko never falls short in producing some of the firsts and iconic dive watches in the world, but what makes them such a perennial favorite among a wide demographic of watch collectors is their reputation for having the best dive timepiece for every budget available. Whether you have deep pockets or strapped for cash, you can bet that Seiko has it all. 

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