3 Precautions to Take When Exercising with a Mechanical Watch

In recent years, mechanical watches have been gaining popularity among watch enthusiasts for their classic yet sophisticated style. While these watches are great fashion accessories, there is one big question that many potential buyers have: can you exercise while wearing a mechanical watch?

The simple answer is yes, you can exercise while wearing a mechanical watch. But it is important to note that while you can exercise with a mechanical watch, you should take certain precautions to ensure that your watch is not damaged in the process.

1. Consider the Design

First, it is important to consider the design of the watch. Some mechanical watches are designed to be more resistant to the everyday bumps and knocks that come with exercise. These watches are usually made with stronger materials such as stainless steel or titanium, which can withstand the rigours of exercise more easily than softer materials such as gold or silver, which aren’t meant for such activities.

For that reason, if you are planning on exercising while wearing a mechanical watch, it is a good idea to look for one that is made from a more durable material, as it will last much longer.

2. Maintain It Often

Second, it is also important to ensure that your watch is properly maintained. Mechanical watches can be affected by factors such as dust, humidity, and temperature. It is important to keep your watch clean and dry to ensure that it continues to function properly, especially when you’re exercising. That’s because exercise can subject the watch to such conditions, and cleaning them ensures it remains in good shape.

Additionally, you should avoid exposing your watch to extreme temperatures, as this can cause damage to the watch’s internal mechanisms. This includes going out for exercise on a hot or cold day.

3. Understand That It Is Delicate

Finally, it is important to remember that mechanical watches are delicate pieces of machinery. While they can withstand the everyday bumps and knocks that come with exercise, they should not be subjected to more extreme activities such as running or jumping.

If you are planning on engaging in any of these activities, it is best to remove your watch or buy a more rugged watch that is specifically designed for these activities. These can include digital or quartz watches, as they’re more friendly towards rough activities.

Keep in mind that these tips don’t only apply when you are going to the gym. This also includes any sport you’re going to participate in or any demanding activities you have to do. In most cases, if you own a watch that’s made out of resistant materials, you should be good to go. However, it is sometimes better to be safe than sorry, so consider removing your watch or even doing some mods to it, such as replacing a metal strap with a silicone one to ensure you still make the most out of your exercise without worry.


While you can exercise while wearing a mechanical watch, it is important to follow the above guidelines to ensure that your watch remains in good condition. By following these simple tips, you will ensure that your watch is able to withstand the rigours of exercise and look great for years to come!

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