The Top 5 Reasons You Must Start Modding Your Seiko Watch

You’ve seen people modding their cars, but did you know you can also customise your watch? Watch modding is modifying or altering your wristwatch in different ways. Whether you want to change the straps and dials, or add a bezel, customising your watch allows you to create the timepiece of your dreams.

Seiko has the most prominent base watches in the watch modding community, thanks to their high-quality designs compatible with different aftermarket parts. The Seiko SKX007, for instance, continues to have the most mods despite it no longer being on the market. However, you don’t need to buy a new piece to get a stunning Seiko mod. Here are five reasons building your Seiko mod is an excellent idea:

1. Unique Designs

Thanks to Seiko modding, you can build unique designs. Wear your stunning timepiece on your wrist by bringing your concepts to life! Do you want open work? Easy. Or make your outfit pop with a red-dial SKX? Not a problem! Grab a Seiko and start modding! 

2. Wide Variety

Building a Seiko mod with high-quality mod parts can give you the ideal watch of your dreams. One of the benefits of modding your Seiko is the wide variety of supplies on the market today. You have different styles, sizes, and colours that may be unavailable in store-bought watches. 

The 44mm Samurai Conversion Case fits all SKX007 aftermarket parts for big watch enthusiasts. While more petite watch lovers also have different options, such as the 40mm Sub Cases. However, the fun doesn’t stop at case sizes. Several NH35 hands and dials styles fit all Seiko automatic divers and all the available aftermarket cases.

3. Have Different Styles To Match The Occasion

Another benefit of modding your Seiko watch is that you can customise its looks and colours to match your #OOTD. On the other hand, standard watches only fit a few outfits. Thanks to the several aftermarket parts to pick from, you can build a dress mod to match your suit or opt for a bright-coloured watch for your holiday trip! 

4. Increases Value

You can now wear luxury on your wrist after upgrading your Seiko watch with a few simple modifications. Modified Seiko watches offer an incredible value-to-quality ratio. 

For example, you can upgrade to a Sapphire crystal for a few dollars or swap an aluminium insert into a scratch-proof ceramic bezel.

5. Affordability 

A common fallacy is that if a watch costs more, it should have better quality. This isn’t always the case. If you want a high-quality timepiece, why not buy an affordable Seiko and mod it? Add an NH36 movement for hacking and hand-winding, sapphire glass, ceramic insert, and exhibition case back. You can also upgrade the bracelet! 

Levelling Up Your Builds  

Modding a Seiko watch is extremely rewarding. You can customise your timepiece according to your style. As Seiko modding grows popular, there are several tutors, especially for beginners and those still hesitating.

Reaching out to fellow watch enthusiasts allows you to ask questions about your mod or to flex your builds! With over ten years of serving the mod community, SeikoMods specialises in designing and manufacturing Seiko mod parts in the UK. We also ship worldwide. Check out our products today to start modding your watch!

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