Understanding How to Replace Your Watch Rotor

The invention of the automatic winding rotor was a significant advancement in the field of watchmaking. In the 1770s, Abraham-Louis Perrelet came up with the concept.

Perrelet devised a mechanism that included a rotor that could wind the mainspring in either direction. Prior to this, a watch had to be wound manually for eight days, each for fifteen minutes. Now, the automatic winding rotor converted the watch’s movement into a source of power for the timepiece.

Today, let’s look at the watch rotor and understand how to replace it. Read on to learn more.

Taking a Loot at the Watch Rotor

Mechanical wristwatches were designed in the twentieth century to wind themselves automatically. Automatic winding eventually became the industry standard for mechanical watches because it was so simple to produce power.

Winding rotors are made up of weights in the shape of metal half-circles that are linked to movements. When the wearer moves their wrist, this watch component completes a full 360-degree rotation.

The watch’s rotor winds the timepiece’s mainspring via a gear system. When the mainspring has been wound to its maximum capacity, the rotor’s clutch will disconnect it from the winding process and it will no longer wind.

Many watch enthusiasts believe that the quartz watch struck a balance between aesthetics and functionality. Mechanical watches are significantly more valuable than their technologically advanced counterparts.

The Distinct Quality of Watch Rotors

Quartz watches are better known for their accuracy and efficiency than mechanical watches, which are better known for their elegance and classic style.

Consider the rotor that appears on the Royal Oak Equation of Time. Its intricate Skeletal rotor does justice to the timepiece that it powers. A subtle but important detail is the use of openwork to form the letters that spell out the AP logo.

The rotor of the Christiaan Van Der Klaauw Real Moon Joure Horizon has taken centre stage. The central gear is shaped like the sun, with ripples on the rotor representing the sun’s rays. Its features of the moon and stars serve as beautiful embellishments for the model’s rotor.

Replacing the Rotor on Your Watch

Nowadays, automatic watches are more popular than quartz watches. Rotors are only found on rare occasions in automatic watches. The vast majority of wristwatches have casebacks.

Modders can customise the rotors of watches. By replacing the rotor, you can create a unique watch modification.

  • The Customisation

Customisation is available for Seiko watches. The majority of Seiko movements include a rotor that can be replaced, as well as a variety of casebacks from which to view it.

The rotors of the Seiko NH35 and NH36 movements are easily interchangeable due to their simple design. When using watch caseback removal tools, damage and scratches are avoided.

Here, you will need a screwdriver, tweezers for lifting the rotor, a pegwood or finger cots for finely adjusting or testing the rotor, and Rodico for cleaning the movement.

The watch caseback must be removed, followed by the removal of the rotor from the movement, replacement of the movement, and replacement of the rotor. This will allow you to see if the rotor engages the gears.

  • The Caseback

Automatic mechanical watches typically have displays on the casebacks. Glass casebacks are required whenever a custom rotor is used to view the mechanical movement. The original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and aftermarket SKX007 cases both have a stainless steel caseback for increased water resistance.

A display caseback replaces the traditional opaque metal used to cover the back of the watch with a piece of glass connected to a metal ring. Because of the glass, you can see the movement and the custom rotor. If you do not intend to dive with your watch, you should consider purchasing a sapphire caseback.


By incorporating one into your next watch modification project, you can easily see why so many other modders use new rotors. A crucial part of this process is to find a trusted source that sells replacement parts for Seiko Mod Watches. As such, because there are so many options for watch replacement parts, you should do business with a reputable vendor.

If you’re in search of Seiko mod parts in the USA, SeikoMods offers original and unique Seiko watch parts for your needs. We are here to guide you to ensure that your timepiece is of quality, just the way you like it. Browse our collection today!

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