Sapphire Crystals and Why They’re the Better Seiko Option

Swapping the crystal on a Seiko watch may appear peculiar to the majority of unskilled Seiko watch modders. If your crystal is scratched or filthy, polishing and cleaning it is a considerably less expensive choice than replacing it. From that perspective, modifying it for aesthetic reasons may appear surprising.

Now, when choosing a crystal component of your Seiko timepiece, we recommend selecting the better option: Sapphire crystal. But before you jump in and browse the internet or shop online, let’s first discuss relevant details: the different timepiece crystals, the comparison between Sapphire and Hardlex, and why the sapphire crystal could be your best bet. 

Read on to discover more about it!

Timepieces Made of Crystal

Watch crystals are classified into three types: acrylic or plastic, mineral, and sapphire.

  • Acrylic Crystal

Acrylic or plastic crystals are inexpensive, interchangeable, and readily buff out. These, unlike other crystals, will not shatter on impact.

  • Mineral Crystal

Mineral crystals resemble glass. Because they are stunning and scratch-resistant, these crystals are utilised in the most distinguished watches.

  • Sapphire Crystal

Sapphires are the most exquisite jewels; they are scratch-resistant, eye-catching, and costly. These are commonly found on high-end and limited-edition clocks.

Hardlex vs Sapphire: The Comparison

Seiko holds a trademark for Hardlex crystal, a mineral glass that has been tempered, which makes it long-lasting and easy to replace. Through the years, this crystal has endured the test of time and has been commonly used for Seiko timepieces.

On the other hand, sapphire crystals are scratch-resistant and highly valued in horology. It provides a clean and attractive aesthetic which most watch modders and collectors today look for. 

Moreover, the sapphire crystal not only protects the clock and face but also adds to the overall elegance. Therefore, sapphire crystals are found to be a protective gear that is also pleasing to the eye.

The Composition of Sapphire Coating

A sapphire crystal boasts of its durability and colour. The latter characteristic is particularly evident in the sun’s bluish rays, which the AR coating causes.

Unlike Seiko Hardlex or acrylic crystals, sapphire is very reflective (less visibility). However, its accompanying internal anti-reflective (AR) coating improves its legibility for indoor and outdoor use. 

When applied to the outside face of the crystal, the coating lowers glare and optical interference while protecting the outer layer from scratches. However, AR coatings are difficult to maintain if you don’t regularly remove or refresh them because of apparent scratches and a dirty appearance.

Aside from reducing glare, you can add a tint to the AR coating to match the face of your Seiko watch. The most frequent hue is blue, which is also available with or without transparent AR coatings.


The value of your custom Seiko timepiece is often higher when you invest in the best materials. Because of this, don’t settle for less and pick the sapphire crystal as your number one choice. As the years go by, you will witness the wonders it could do to your watch in terms of elegance, all-around function, and durability.

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