Seiko Customs – The Orange Monster SKX013

The Seiko SKX013 is a smaller variant of the famous and renowned SKX007. For those who felt like the SKX007 was a tad bit too large, consider the 013. It is an excellent option for those who love dive watch styling with the ISO 6425 certification. Some may wonder if the smaller model of the legendary Seiko SKX007 offers the same variety of mod parts.

While the SKX013 may not have the parts catalog of the SKX007, there are still plenty of options to tailor fit the watch to your specifications. With a variety of colors and unique mod parts, your dive timepiece will be looking as stylish as ever.

Building the Orange Monster SKX013

Seiko dive timepieces’ most unique feature is that they have plenty of Seiko mod parts that can spice up your collection. When building this Orange Monster timepiece, this offers better visibility at night and for deeper water dives. It also looks great on everyday outfits, as it adds a splash of color to whatever is worn.

Modifying the SKX013 will be an exciting experience. It will test specific skills, such as the steadiness of your hands, focus, and craftsmanship. Fortunately, Seiko timepieces are the easiest to work on, as they have a simple build quality matched with extreme durability. These workhorses are ready to take on modifications, and here is our guide to mod parts available at SeikoMods:

Start With the Dial

For this Orange Monster build, an Orange Sunburst dial will be used as the centerpiece of this entire build. Complete with the day and date window, proper luminous capabilities, and high build quality, this dial is a great option to start off the Orange Monster with. The dial’s bright colors make it genuinely pop out in even low-light environments, which is a welcome feature for any wrist enthusiast.

Choosing the Chapter Ring

The chapter ring allows you to tell the time in increments of seconds, as the watch’s dial typically doesn’t contain numbers. Etchings of these chapter rings are incredibly accurate, as they are done on a high-grade metal ring. It is recommended for this build to use either an orange chapter ring with black etched markers or a black one with white markers to complete the blackout look.

The Case Can Go Two Ways

When deciding on what case to get, consider the overall theme of the watch. If you want a blacked-out piece that makes the orange dial stand out, a black IP coated case will be a great option. For the usual dive timepiece look, you might want a regular polished and brushed stainless case. The ones available on the SeikoMods website are incredibly durable and well-built to take on the elements of a demanding dive.

The Bezel

Many people regard high-visibility and no-frills as the most crucial feature of a diver’s watch. The bezel that has this honor is the CT662 Flat Ceramic Bezel Insert. This bezel is of excellent quality and has highly visible minute numbers and indicators for the best visibility when underwater. It also has that fantastic classic Rolex Submariner styling, so it will definitely stand out and catch attention from the trained eye.

The Crown

For the crown, the SKX013 loses out to the SKX007 in terms of color variety. However, a blacked-out one, along with two polished ones, is available for use with an engraved “S” reminiscent of a snake on the crown’s face. The CT210 Crown is a great option, as you can even mix and match these pieces to get better results.


These are some ideas that you can consider when building your themed Seiko timepiece. We personally love the SKX line and see so much building potential into it. With centuries of mechanical knowledge on creating some of the finest timepieces, Seiko’s watches are unlike any other. Mod your timepiece today and make an entirely new model that is unique to your tastes. can help you personalize your Seiko timepiece with a premium selection of Seiko mod parts. With our products, you can be sure to have a one-of-a-kind piece, no matter if you got it brand new or pre-owned. Take a glance at our catalog for a Seiko watch made by you, for you!

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