Seiko Mod Part Compatibility – Where to Start Your SKX Mod.

Seiko is a brand most people associate with stylishness, precision, and durability. Seiko dive watches, like the SKX007 or SRPD, exemplify these traits. If you want to emulate the performance of this watch in your DIY builds, look no further—here is our guide for your Seiko mod watches.

Which Seiko Watches Are Suitable For Modding?

The SKX series, to which SKX007 belongs, is popular in the mod watch community because it is compatible with many watch mod parts. The Seiko 5 Sports series, or SRPD, nicknamed 5KX for its similarities with the SKX series, is also compatible with mods. Meanwhile, other watches like the SRP turtle and SNZF urchin are best left to experienced modders. They are compatible only under specific conditions like having comparable dial sizes and crown positions, matching movement, and others.

Which Parts Are Suitable For Modding?

SKXs and SRPDs are exciting to work with since you can modify nearly all of their parts. It takes a while to research what tools and techniques to use, but if you are going to start with Seiko mod watches, this is an affordable and beginner-friendly option. Here are some places to start.


Creating a premium feel with an entry-level watch starts with having a stylish dial and hands. Since it is the first thing you see when you check the time, it makes sense to prioritize modding this part. 

There is a wide range of hands available on the market, with markers, designs, logos, and other customizable features. Some popular styles include Mercedes-style, cathedral-style, and field-style hands. These designs also come in black and silver.


The bezel is the most distinctive feature of a dive watch, and SKX mod bezels can showcase your personality. Several popular bezels are the Planet Ocean-inspired, Pilot, and the SRPD type ones, among others. You could pair these up with flat ceramic inserts, flat steel inserts, and sloping ceramic inserts. The most desirable types of inserts are ceramic since they give your watch a high-end look. However, the more affordable metal inserts are just as stylish.


The easiest way to personalize your SKX is to change the bracelet or strap. There are various options for modders—you can get straps in nylon, Zulu NATO, rubber, silicone, metal, and even leather! If you want to keep your dive watch’s versatility, though, it’s best to go for a nylon, Zulu, or metal strap. Zulu or nylon is perfect for people who prefer a rugged look on their straps.

Meanwhile, if you prefer your SKX dressy, you can go for a metal bracelet. Modders can swap out the original Jubilee bracelet—which has smaller links—for ones with thicker links. Whatever you choose, though, you’re bound to find a strap that fits your style.


If you want to replace the hands, you might want to mod the dial as well since they should look cohesive. The dials are one of the easier things to manufacture, so many Seiko mod watch providers have plenty of dials available. Mod dials come in different colors, finishes, designs, and textures. Note, though, that SKXs and SRPDs have a 4 o’clock crown, and it is one of the few parts on the watch that you cannot mod easily.


The movement swap is one of the trickiest mods on this list. The watch’s engine is its movement, and it affects both stability and durability. Seiko SKX watches use 7S26, which uses automatic movement. It is reliable and has been in all of Seiko’s entry-level no-battery watches since the 90s. However, it lacks hacking and hand-winding, two crucial features for people who love watches. Swapping a 7S26 with a different movement like the NH35 will give it the upgrades that watch aficionados want.


Modding SKXs will give newbies the confidence they need to put a personal touch on their diving watches. Since the Seiko SKX and SRPD lines are highly customizable, you will have a wealth of options when you start with watches from them.

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