Seiko Modding 101 – Factors to Consider When Choosing a New Hand Set For Your Watch

Reconstructing an old watch can take on a new form and become the watch of your dreams—you only need to modify the timepiece to rebuild it to perfection. That’s why watch modding is a favorite hobby for collections and connoisseurs alike, especially for brands sporting Seiko watches, as it takes the lead as the most moddable in the world. 

Replacing something as simple as your wristwatch’s hands, for example, can transform the old model altogether and create a different build. With the watch hands taking up most of the visual aspect, it’s no wonder that swapping the hands can completely make or mar the watch’s overall aesthetic. 

What You Should Take Into Account When Modding Watch Hands to Give Your Timepiece a Fresher Look 

Modding always you to mod your Seiko to be any watch you dream it to be, all for a bang for buck cost! Changing the watch hands, in particular, can give your old collection a make-over in more ways than one. With that in mind, what kind of watch hands should you choose for your Seiko mods? 

Think About the Look You’re Going For 

As mentioned above, the watch hands often garner the most attention since it often sets the aesthetic tone of the watch. 

A Timeless Wonder

Seiko doesn’t come short in playing around with different styles for watch hands, so you can always go timeless with the classic Mercedes handset to give your SKX007 some understated elegance. 

Modern Minimalist 

It may be a go-to choice for Rolex sports watches, but it’s a wonderful option for giving your Seiko watches a sophisticated transformation. If you’re looking for a more sleek finish with an eye-catching, blue luminous hue, then the MM Polished Finish is the right way to go for any SKX mod. 

Bolder and Darker 

If you’re not afraid to give your SKX mods a darker look, why not go for MM Black to illustrate your timepiece in jet black hues? It sets a dynamic contrast against a white dial, making the hands and face pop out without pushing its style to the limits. It becomes a strong and classic choice for watch wearers who love to dabble with casual and ceremonial occasions. 

The Bottom Line: Choosing the Right Hand Set When Modding Your Seiko Watches 

The watch hands not only help you read the time, but they often leave a powerful impression since they make up most of the watch’s identity. Of course, the style and color are important features in a watch hand, but keep in mind that you also need to consider its functionality as you have fun playing around with different options. 

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