Seiko Modding 101 – Using SKX007 with the New SRPD/SRPE Series

For any watch enthusiast — whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned collector — Seiko watches should always be a part of your timepiece collection. The great thing about Seiko watches, besides their timeless design, is that they can easily be modded into a different watch depending on your preference and style.

Recently, Seiko has released a bunch of case dimensions. And with regards to its compatibility, it only applies to 5KX models with rotatable bezels. Sadly, 5KX models with pilot bezels are excluded from this. 

Towards the tail end of 2019, Seiko released new models meant to replace the SKX series, which are SKX007, SKX009, and SKX011. These models are known as the SRPD/SRPE series, successors to the discontinued SKX series. With this, they also released a Seiko 5 Sports line-up known as the 5KX in the watch community. 

So, what are the major differences between the SKX007 and SRPD/SRPE series, and can they share the same Seiko mod parts? If you’re curious, read on.

The List of 5KX Models with Rotatable Bezel with Insert:

As mentioned earlier, Seiko released different case dimensions for 5KX models with rotatable inserts. See the list below for these models:

  • Sense Style: SRPE83K1, SRPD77K1, SRPD85K1
  • Specialist Style: SRPE79K1, SRPE80K1, SRPD55K2, SRPD65K3, SRPD76K1
  • Suits Style: SRPE75K1, SRPE77K1, SRPD65K2, SRPD67K1, SRPD69K1, SRPD71K1, SRPD71K2, SRPD73K1, SRPD73K2, SRPD75K1
  • Street Style: SRPE71K1, SRPE72K1, SRPE74K1, SRPD79K1, SRPD81K1, SRPD83K1
  • Sports Style: SRPD51K1, SRPD51K2, SRPD53K1, SRPD55K1, SRPD55K3, SRPD57K1, SRPD59K1, SRPD61K1, SRPD63K1, SRPD65K1, SRPD65K4

What Are the Differences?

Now that we know the different watches compatible with Seiko’s new cases, what are the biggest differences between SKX007 and the new SRPD/SRPE series?

  • SKX007: For this model, the caseback is solid steel, its crown is a screw-down, its movement is 7S26 (non-hacking), IS0 6425 certified, and it is a diver’s watch that’s water-resistant up to 200m.
  • SRPD/SRPE Series: For this series, their watches have a see-through crystal caseback, a push/pull crown, 4R36 hacking movement, it isn’t ISO 6425 certified and can only go as deep as 100m in the water.

Of course, these changes have made the Seiko mod enthusiasts apprehensive about discontinuing the SKX series. With these changes, the real question is: 

Are Seiko Mod Parts for the SKX007 Compatible with the New SRPD/SRPE Series?

Here’s a list of compatible parts between the SKX007 and the SRPD/SRPE series:

  • Bezel
  • Bezel Insert
  • Chapter Ring
  • Crystal
  • Dial
  • Hands

What Parts Are Incompatible?

There are four parts in the series that aren’t compatible with the SKX007: the crown, spring bars, caseback gasket, and crystal gasket. This is because the SKX007 has a screw-down crown, which makes sense why it won’t fit the SRPD/SRPE’s push/pull crown.

On the other hand, the SRPD/SRPE series’s spring bars have smaller ends than the SKX007’s fat spring bars. 

The Bottom Line: Most Modded Parts Are Compatible

Thankfully, the Seiko community can rest easy knowing that most frequently modded parts, such as the bezels, chapter ring, dials, bezel inserts, and hands, have the same dimensions and fitting SKX007 and the SRPD/SRPE series. 

Now that you know that these Seiko mod parts are compatible with the new series, you can easily select the model you want to work with and start modifying its parts!

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