Seiko SKX Mods You Can Do: A Simple Guide for Beginners

Some people find watch-modding very interesting. They have different reasons and motivations why they do that. But, for most, they want to make some improvements and fixes on their watch or just to make it unique. If watch-modding interests you as well, this article is for you. 

Here, we will discuss one particular watch that most people mod, which is the Seiko SKX. If you’re a beginner in watch modding and have the same kind of watch, you will learn what different modifications you can do to your piece. 

So, let’s get to it! 

What Is Seiko SKX? 

First, allow us to tell you more about Seiko SKX. SKX is an affordable dive watch with 200m water resistance manufactured by one of the biggest timepiece manufacturers, Seiko. Mod enthusiasts commonly modify SKX because its parts are easy to find. This watch has an automatic movement and a day and date function. It also consists of a unidirectional diving bezel and a super bright Lume. 

What Are the Different Modifications You Can Do to Your Seiko SKX?

As mentioned, mod enthusiasts commonly modify SKX because its parts are easy to find. But, another reason why they modify this watch is that it’s easy to work on, and there are plenty of mods they can do with it. Here are some of the mods you can do to your Seiko SKX that are beginner-friendly. 

1. Case Mods

A simple way to improve your SKX watch is by modifying its case. As you know, you can find different SKX case designs in the market. But don’t expect that the designs we’re talking about are based on colours, prints, and the like. You’ll be surprised that SKX cases all look the same. The only difference you can find is in their details. An average person wouldn’t even notice the difference, but since you’re venturing into watch-modding, the drilled-through lugs, brushed finishes, and helium release valves are some of the case’s designs that you should look into. Minor details like these can already make your SKX unique and impressive. 

2. Hands and Dial Mods

Of course, you should not miss out on the hands and dial mods if you’re about to modify your SKX. These parts are the focal point of your watch, so modifying them can already make a big difference. Unlike cases, hands and dial mods come in any colours with applied markers, logos, designs, and any custom touches you’d like. You can mix and match whatever you think works best, and the design is really up to you. Just remember to be careful when modding your hand and dial mods because you could scratch or bend them when you press them on. 

3. Movement Mods

As you know, Seiko SKX lacks hacking and hand-winding features. Fortunately, you can now replace your 7s26 movement with 4r36 or 6r15 so that you can enjoy the hacking and hand-winding features. However, this kind of mod is the most difficult and technical mod you can do. You still need to source a compatible stem and a new crown for you to pull this off. 


Watch-modding is truly interesting because you can have endless upgrades and fixes, especially on a Seiko SKX watch. Once you get the hang of modding watches, you’ll be more confident in exploring other mods since there are still other mods that are not mentioned here. Hopefully, this simple guide can help you jumpstart your watch-modding venture so that you can add your personal touch to your piece. 

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