Understand the Differences of Seiko’s SKX007 and 009 Models

The Seiko SKX line of watches is incredibly popular among watch collectors. These watches have various features and designs, with the SKX007 and SKX009 being the most sought-after models. Owning one of these watches is a must for any serious collector.

As such, their popularity has warranted varying opinions on the Internet about two watches, particularly on whether they are the same or not. This article will reveal the differences between the two, so we can know for sure.

The Dial

It’s worth noting that the Seiko SKX007 has a black dial and a black bezel, while the SKX009 has a deep blue dial and a red and blue (Pepsi) bezel. Apart from the colour of the dial and bezel, all other features of the two watches, such as the movement, case, crystal and styling, are identical. The rest can be achieved with a well-placed Seiko mod or two.

The Bezel

The SKX007 has a plain, dark bezel which helps it match a variety of clothing. On the other hand, the 009 watch has a more playful design; its Pepsi pattern is a classic among watch collectors and is highly respected. Both watches feature a rotating bezel that can be used to measure the diving time.

The Dials

The Seiko SKX007’s watch dial changes colour depending on the lighting. The dial is dark grey with a slight purple hue in bright light. In dimmer light, the dial darkens to black. The colour palette is muted and will be attractive to those who prefer a more classic look.

The Seiko SKX009’ has a striking design that catches the eye with its deep blue dial and contrasting red bezel. The dark blue of the dial nicely compliments the blue of the bezel, while the red of the bezel stands out and gives the watch a unique look. The colours blend well to create a watch that will turn heads and receive compliments from anyone who sees it.

Seiko watches have a special glow that makes it easy to read the time in the dark. Their phosphorescent material is more durable and brighter than other brands, so you can be sure that you’ll always be able to tell the time even when the lights are off.

Pulling off the dial’s aesthetic is not a concern, however. With the right Seiko mod, an SKX007 can mimic the visual playfulness of an SKX009, while an SKX009 can match the SKX007’s classic simplicity.

The Cost

While Seiko released the SKX007 and SKX009 in 1996, the company stopped making them back in 2019, so they are no longer available in the retail market. The only thing these watches had in common was their price: both retailed for $150. You can still find brand-new SKX watches online, such as on Amazon, eBay, and Long Island Watch, since many a watch enthusiast recognised its practicality back then. However, be prepared to shell out between $300 to $700 for these rare timepieces, plus a bit more if the item requires a few upgrades with Seiko mods.

The Final Analysis

These iconic timepieces are identical, save for a few visual variations. The SKX007 leans more towards a classic, everyday watch, while the SKX009 exudes a hint of playfulness and fun with its unique blend of colours. Either one is a feather on the cap of a watch enthusiast’s collection, especially since both can be modded according to the wearers’ fancy.

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