Your Guide to Selecting the Best Seiko Mods Case – Part 2

Whether you’ve recently bought your first Seiko watch or have been collecting timepieces for a while, you must know the significance of your accessory’s case. It’s the base that gives its appearance and character and protects the inner components from the environment. It also holds all the pieces together and helps it work properly. 

While regular upkeep and professional servicing can help maintain its best condition, you can improve its look by investing in quality Seiko mods cases. However, no guide would be complete without providing our favourite picks. 

We previously discussed the significance, the factors to consider, and where to find a Seiko mods case and a classic option. This article will enumerate three more options all watch enthusiasts can consider.

1. Titanium Case for Maximum Comfort 

Whether you’re looking for a fashion statement, a reliable timepiece, or something to enhance your daily look, you must always consider comfort when selecting a Seiko mods case. You wouldn’t want your watch to scratch you or cause rashes because they’re uncomfortable, especially if you’re prone to skin irritations. For these reasons, you should invest in a titanium case. 

Manufacturers usually use titanium to craft products or structures that need a lightweight alternative to steel. It’s also an excellent choice for dive watches because it won’t rust and corrode and has scratch-proof qualities. Titanium cases are also ideal for watch enthusiasts prone to skin irritation because of their hypoallergenic properties.  

We recommend investing in cases with Grade five titanium because of its durability and lightweight properties. This material can also “self-heal” by forming a grey patina over scratches and scuffs on the watch, allowing the timepiece to restore its original look. 

2. B&R Case for New Ideas

Many people wear watches to make their daily outfits pop. Investing in Bell and Ross (B&R) and square watches can help you complete a unique look. 

This unique watch maximises its larger surface area, offering features you can’t find on traditional round watches. Besides investing in square timepieces, purchasing an NMK921 B&R Seiko Mods case can make a remarkable impression. This component allows you to customise your accessory with SKX007 mod parts, enabling you to call it yours proudly. 

Manufacturers also create it from surgical-grade stainless steel, allowing this Diver-Pilot hybrid case to descend to depths of up to 200 metres when appropriately assembled. Moreover, reputable shops offer multiple finishes like brushed steel, black, gold, and rose gold Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD). 

3. Submariner Case to Pay Rolex Homages

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than not getting your dream watch, especially if it’s a Rolex. It can also be frustrating if you don’t have enough money or if others want to get the same model.

The Rolex Submariner is a legendary diving watch that has been highly popular since its launch and has inspired other accessories. Sadly, it can be challenging to buy one of them because it’s expensive and has a long waiting list. Fortunately, you can get the same look as a Submariner by getting a Seiko SKX Submariner case, such as the NMK909 Submariner, which is compatible with all standard SKX components. 

Besides the Seiko’s original parts, the NMK909 is compatible with aftermarket SKX parts, allowing modders to create a customised SKX007 Submariner-style watch. Moreover, you should find a watch shop that provides steel and shiny PVD Seiko submariner cases. Additionally, you can check out various watch enthusiasts’ social media accounts for inspiration if you need help styling your Seiko Sub. 

Customising a Comfortable and Stylish Timepiece

Having an uncomfortable timepiece or not getting your favourite watch can be frustrating. Fortunately, you can make your current accessory more comfortable and stylish by looking for inspiration and investing in quality Seiko mods cases. 

If your timepiece needs a quality Seiko mods case, check out SeikoMods! We’re a UK-based company that ships worldwide, specialising in designing and manufacturing custom watch parts. Shop now!

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