A Guide to Servicing or Repairing Your Beloved Seiko Watch

Whether you’re a professional or a timepiece enthusiast, you’d know that wearing a watch can help you manage time and express your unique style. 

A Seiko model is one of the most prominent watch brands you can add to your collection. While buying a new model or a set of Seiko watch parts may be exciting, you should also watch out for signs of wear and know when to have it repaired or serviced. This maintenance step can help it stay precise and ensure the internal components run smoothly. 

If you want to enjoy an efficient and stylish timepiece for longer, this article is your comprehensive guide to maintaining your beloved Seiko watch. 

What Does a Typical Seiko Watch Servicing Include?

Your watch service can differ depending on who’s repairing or maintaining it. However, a typical Seiko servicing kit includes the following:

  • Repairing or replacing broken movement parts,
  • Replacing gaskets to restore water resistance,
  • and changing the batteries.

Your watchmaker or service centre will also adjust the timing for accuracy. Moreover, they’ll clean, polish, lubricate, and do a complete watch reassembly with tests to ensure your timepiece’s best performance. 

Why Should You Service It Regularly?

Despite the brand’s durability, the watch’s internal components will eventually break down, and the oil lubricating them can become old and dry. Like other significant investments, regular maintenance is essential to keeping your Seiko watch’s best performance. Letting a qualified watchmaker inspect and service your Seiko can also help it tick accurately and remain water-resistant. 

How Often Should You Service Your Seiko?

While Seiko generally recommends servicing your watch every three years, this may vary depending on climate, activities, and care. Whether you rarely use your Seiko watch or wear it in the ocean, we recommend bringing it to watchmakers to keep it clean and ensure it’s functioning correctly regularly. 

However, if you don’t have enough money to get it serviced every three years, you must do your best to maintain it and bring it to a watchmaker when possible. 

How Long Does a Seiko Watch Servicing Take?

You should remember that servicing a watch takes a lot of work. It requires patience and great attention to detail. For this reason, you’re better off entrusting this task to a professional watchmaker. 

However, if you take your Seiko watch to the Service Centre, you should expect a five to eight-week wait, which doesn’t include the time needed for shipping and estimates. Moreover, other watchmakers may have a longer or shorter wait time, depending on their workload. Either way, you’ll likely need to wait a while before claiming it again. 

Is It Worth It to Service a Seiko?

If you’ve invested lots of money in a high-quality watch and Seiko mod parts, you should also have enough to pay for regular maintenance to preserve its value and condition. However, buying a cheaper Seiko watch may not be financially worth paying for the servicing costs, but it could still have some emotional weight for the wearer. 

Moreover, doing primary maintenance and repairs on your existing Seiko watch can be more cost-effective than buying a new one. You can clean and check on your timepiece at home and bring it to a professional for more in-depth servicing a few times a year. 

Can I Service My Watch Myself?

While you can service your Seiko watch parts, remember that this step requires the correct tools, a profound understanding of your timepiece’s functions, and patience. 

On the other hand, professional servicing provides a thorough watch inspection and can detect any potential issues you may have overlooked.

Maintaining a Fully-Functioning Timepiece

Regular repairs and servicing are crucial to keeping your Seiko watch parts’ best condition. While you can DIY these maintenance steps, bringing your timepiece to a professional is still best to ensure its best condition. 

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