CT061 – DD Sapphire Crystal – Seiko 5 100M SNZH + BFK + SOLAR TUNA SNE



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General Description:

  • Material – Sapphire crystal
  • Type/Design – Double dome (Domed Top – Domed Underside)

AR* coating options – Blue, No AR and CLEAR AR**

*  AR coating underside

**CLEAR AR – colourless AR coating – additional 10 USD

  • Ref dimensions – Dia 29mm – Total Thickness 4.7mm – Dome 2mm – Edge 2.7mm
  • Additional info – Double Dome sapphire for that vintage look. Transforms the look – fantastic. True double dome so absolutely no optical distortion a top selling modders sapphire and very popular crystal for the BFK SKA 200M Kinetic Divers as well as SNZH FF builds – extensively used for Fifty Five Fathom FFF tributes. Now available with Clear AR – colourless AR coating.

Suitable for:

  • Seiko 5 100M – SNZH51 SNZH53 SNZH55 SNZH57 SNZH59 SNZH60
  • Prospex Street Series Tuna Solar – SNE533 SNE535 SNE537 SNE541 SNE543 SNE533P1 SNE535P1 SNE537P1 SNE541P1 SNE543P1
  • 200M DIVERS Kinetic – BFK (Big Freaking Kinetic) SKA371P1 SKA369P1 SKA371 SKA369 SKA368P1 SKA367 SKA371P2 SBCZ025 SKA427P1 SKA427P2 SKA577P SKA579P2 SBCZ011 SBCZ013 SBCZ015
  • SOLAR TUNA 200M – SNE497 SNE498 SNE499 SNE518


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