CT088 – Low Double Dome Sapphire Crystal – Seiko Chrono Flightmaster


  • Material – Sapphire crystal
  • Type/Design – Low Double dome (Domed Top – Domed Underside)
  • No optical dial distortion with Double Dome unlike Single Dome
  • Standard AR coating options – Blue and No AR
  • Custom Coatings – Additional cost – 21 days’ lead time may be required for non-standard coatings please enquire
  • Ref dimensions – Dia 31mm – Thickness 3.25mm – 1.25mm Dome – Edge Height 2mm
  • Suitable for – Seiko Chrono Flightmaster Quartz Chronograph SND253 SND253P1 SND255P1 SND255 SND257
  • PLUS, many other SEIKO CHRONO models with a 31mm pressed-in crystal with 2mm crystal edge height
  • Additional info – Double dome sapphire upgrade replacing the dead flat OEM mineral crystal – superb when fitted a real gem of a sapphire just the correct height and double dome so no optical dial distortion. Transforms the overall look – the one mod that really makes a difference.


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