CT123 – Flat Sapphire Crystal With Date Cyclops – Seiko Spirit SARB033 SARB035 SARB037


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Avoid getting finger print marks and smudges on your Sapphire Crystal by grabbing some extra Finger Cots. Highly Recommended!

Material – Sapphire Crystal

Type/Design – Flat with date cyclops feature.

Suitable for – SEIKO SPIRIT SARB033 SARB035 SARB037 SCVS003

Diameter 31mm – Thickness 1.5mm

Direct replacement for OEM Flat Crystal

NO AR options on this classic DJ type flat crystal

Ref dimensions – Diameter 31mm – Edge Height 1.5mm

Additional info – Direct replacement for the OEM flat crystal. A superb flat High Quality Sapphire Crystal with cyclops date feature for that DJ feel.

Instagram Video of CT219 Bezel and CT123 Cyclops Sapphire Crystal combo!

Datejust bezel and crystal installation – instructions:

  1. Remove  the existing bezel complete with crystal – this is done by carefully prising the bezel off by using the space between the lugs and a sharp blade or similar. Take care not to mark your case – do not rush.
  2. Remove existing crystal from the bezel you have taken off if you are  re-using it.
  3. Fit your chosen crystal into the CT datejust bezel  using the new gasket supplied. Use a crystal press.
  4. Fit the CT datejust bezel to the watch case using the new white nylon gasket supplied. Take care to align the crystal date mag precisely to the date before pressing the bezel fully home with a crystal press.
  5. Take care not to rush and when the dial is exposed be careful not to damage it!


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