CT208 – Crown (6 Options) – SKX007 & Variants


  • Material – HQ Stainless Steel 316L surgical grade
  • Options – High Polish or Black IP with snake laser option + black and red infill option
  • Description – Stainless Steel 316L multiple Gasket Hi-Performance threaded Divers Crown – A high quality high performance in house engineered/designed and fully tested Crown – Snake laser option – complete with full length stem
  • CT Case Suitability – CT700 CT701 CT702 CT703 CT704 CT705 CT707 CT708 CT710
  • Stem Details – NH Stem supplied DIY (cut and fit yourself) Designed for use in SKX007 and all variants (0020case) and for the OLD and NEW Samurai as well as the SUMO and the 62Mas modern interpretation SPB051 SPB053. The NH stem supplied will work with the standard oem 7S26 movement as well as NH35 NH36 NE15 4R36 6R15 movements
  • Information – Please note we also supply NH36 and NH35 movements CT500, CT501 available in the shop at a very competitive price. If you require a movement holder it is CT503
  • Performance – 200M Plus**
  •  **Reference Info Only – Tested to 300M during extensive development and wet testing with no failures observed – oem crown is a basic minimal single gasket design
  • Finish – Super High Polish – Black IP
  • Crown Head Ref dimensions – Diameter 7mm x 4.9mm
  • Fitting – Direct fit for original part – no case modification required – Full length DIY stem will need to be cut and cemented
  • Additional info – Superb high quality 316L SS multiple Gasket Screw-Down Divers Crown complete with full length NH DIY stem. A threaded crown is needed for SKX007 movement upgrade e.g. NH35 NH36 NE15 4R36 6R15 – Our in-house designed Crown is high performance and safety demanded by todays discerning modding fraternity


  • Suitable for200M Case Ref 7S26-0020 – SKX007 SKX009 SKX011 SKX171 SKX173 SKX175 SKX401K SKXA35 – All SUMO SRP Turtle variants – SPB051
  • CT Case Suitability – CT700 CT701 CT702 CT703 CT704 CT705 CT707 CT708 CT710
  • Samurai – All Samurai models old and new versions SBDA001 SBDA003 SBDA005 SNM009 SNM011 SNM017 SRPB009 SRPB49 SRPB51 SRPB53 SRPB55 SRPC93
  • SRP Turtles – will fit all versions
  • Monster – will fit all versions

 5 versions available

  1. Hi Polish
  2. Hi Polish with Snake Laser etch
  3. Sand Blasted Black IP with Snake Laser etch
  4. Hi Polish black snake infill
  5. Hi Polish red snake infill
  6. Sand Blasted Black IP “Black IP + DIY” – Sterile Black Crown



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