CT231 – Caseback With Spacer – Black


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  • Material – 316L Surgical stainless steel
  • Type/Design – Sterile case back no identification 500M rated – High polish finish – Integral spacer built in to allow fitment of movements with the thinner grey movement spacer e.g. NH35/36
  • Important – This case back cannot be used with the thicker black movement spacer – our CT200 is the case back for that purpose
  • Finish – Black
  • Additional info – 500M rated Sterile case back ideal for personalization custom laser etching. Supplied with new gasket/seal.

Suitable for:

  • Seiko divers 200M 0020 case type SKX007 SKX009 SKX011 SKX171 SKX173 SKX175 SKXA35 SKX401K
  • New SRPD Collection
  • 5 Sports collection – SRPD55K3, SRPD57K1, SRPD59K1, SRPD55K1, SRPD55K3, SRPD57K1, SRPD59K1, SRPD61K1, SRPD63K1, SRPD65K1, and SRPD65K4
  • 5 Suits collection – SRPD65K2, SRPD67K1, SRPD69K1, SRPD71K1, SRPD71K2, SRPD73K1, SRPD73K2, and SRPD75K1
  • 5 Specialists collection – SRPD55K2, SRPD65K3, and SRPD76K1
  • 5 Street collection – SRPD79K1, SRPD81K1, and SRPD83K1
  • 5 Sense collection – SRPD77K and SRPD85K1
  • Mid-Size 200M – SKX013 SKX015
  • SRP Turtle: SRP775 SRP777 SRP779 SRPA21 SRPC44 SRPC95
  • Samurai: SRPB09 SRPB49 SRPB51 SRPB53 SRPB55 SRPB99 SRPC93 SRPD03

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