CT246 – SKX007 SRPD Case Type Bezel – Planet Ocean Inspired – Polished


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Save money by adding your bezel click spring below! CT215 is the standard uni-directional click spring. CT216 is a bi-directional click spring.

  • Material – Stainless Steel 316L surgical grade HQ Divers Bezel.
  • Finish – High Polish
  • IMPORTANT – Bezel Gasket is already fitted (0.8mm) + 0.7mm gasket is also supplied for those who may require a more free running action.
  • Insert Suitability – OEM and the majority of SKX007 aftermarket inserts.
  • TIP – If you require a new bezel spring (CT215) with your new bezel please select + spring on this page and get a discounted price
  • Shape/Design – PO inspired.
  • TIP – We strongly recommend that if you are considering to purchase a YM sloping ceramic insert to fit to your bezel rather than purchasing the insert and crystal individually that you take a look at our crystal and insert combo CT119 – The CT119 has a custom sapphire designed specifically to match the CT606 insert perfect – no gap – seamless fit – no need to mix and match from different sources – avoid potential sadness – we have done the work for you!
  • Fitting – Direct replacement for OEM bezel no mods required. The bezel on some cases will be a little tight and pressing on evenly by hand may not possible in these instances a Crystal Press should be used to apply an even high force to snap the bezel on – take care not to trap the gasket – we advise always better to remove the bezel gasket stretch it a little and add a touch of lubrication before refitting.
  • BONUS Bezel Gasket – New gasket supplied already fitted – We recommend adding a little grease to aid a smooth action.
  • Please note You may find they can be tight as cases are made in many locations and vary very slightly – we recommend the use of a crystal press to ensure an even high force when snapping the bezel on – A distinct snap sound will be heard as the bezel rides over the snap and sits down in the correct position.
  • Additional info – Functions exactly as OEM Bezel – complete with new bezel gasket already fitted. Easy installation a direct fit with no modification required. Designed for SKX007 size bezel inserts both oem and aftermarket. 2 FREE 3M adhesive rings supplied with each bezel for easy fitment of your insert.

Suitable for:

  • ALL 200M 0020 case type SKX007 SKX009 SKX011 SKX171 SKX173 SKX175 SKXA35 SKX401K
  • New SRPD Collection
  • 5 Sports collection – SRPD55K3, SRPD57K1, SRPD59K1, SRPD55K1, SRPD55K3, SRPD57K1, SRPD59K1, SRPD61K1, SRPD63K1, SRPD65K1, and SRPD65K4
  • 5 Suits collection – SRPD65K2, SRPD67K1, SRPD69K1, SRPD71K1, SRPD71K2, SRPD73K1, SRPD73K2, and SRPD75K1
  • 5 Specialists collection – SRPD55K2, SRPD65K3, and SRPD76K1
  • 5 Street collection – SRPD79K1, SRPD81K1, and SRPD83K1
  • 5 Sense collection – SRPD77K and SRPD85K1

5 reviews for CT246 – SKX007 SRPD Case Type Bezel – Planet Ocean Inspired – Polished

  1. dr.gunsmith72 (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic quality, the fit is tight on my He case but turns smoothly , no unwanted movement, Crystaltimes are the best at what they do.

    Image #1 from dr.gunsmith72
  2. tomistylmet (verified owner)

    Love it.
    Another project with a case and crystal from Seikomods.
    Quality of the parts is amazing

    Image #1 from tomistylmet
  3. Brendan Ocarroll (verified owner)

    Super fast delivery

  4. Alan Mellor (verified owner)

    A great design bezel. Recommended.

  5. Chris (verified owner)

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