CT500 – NH36 Movement




  • NH36A Automatic
  • White/Black day/date at 3
  • 21600 BPH
  • 24 Jewels Hacking Hand-wind
  • Power Reserve 41hrs
  • Complete with stem
  • Hand sizes H/M/S 150/89/21
  • Ligne/mm size 12/26.00mm
  • Height 5.32mm
  • Height with cannon pinion 7.55mm

General Information:

  • Description – Brand new and tested 100% genuine Seiko Instruments NH36A 24J SII crown at 3 movement incl full length stem complete with fitted temporary setting crown/stem – unregulated* – We recommend you take a look at our regulated* movement option at an additional £15 – this will ensure a good level of accuracy for that movement. All the movements we sell are fully checked for function prior to shipping to the customer. *Factory movements are supplied direct from seiko raw and unregulated (timing accuracy not finely adjusted to the best achievable) and can be as much as 40 secs.We offer a regulated option to a standard of 15 seconds a day  – in most instances we achieve better than that prior to posting.
  • Suitable for – Watch modding 7S26 upgrade.
  • Please note – we also supply a Hi-Performance 3 gasket threaded Crown CT208 complete with stem in the shop – check it out.
  • INFO – You are purchasing a complete movement please ensure you are fully aware of the work required and parts needed to complete the build. If you are unsure and not undertaken this before, please do appropriate research before purchase. The forums and YouTube are an excellent resource.
  • Ref dimensions – OD 27.4mm Casing Dia 29.36mm (with dial spacer).
  • Additional info – A very popular modding movement. Upgrade to 24 Jewels with hacking and hand-wind feature.
  • NOTEThe buyer is responsible for the correct and careful fitting of the dial, hands and regulation. Unfortunately, a number of not so careful DIY modders have totally scrapped movements during this process. seikomods.com is not responsible for any damage to movements during the fitting process. Check our NOOB CENTRE for an excellent tutorial video link on this subject.
  • RETURNS – In accordance with the normal practice in the trade regarding movements we unfortunately are not able to accept returns on this item.



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