CT700 – Starter Pack


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Save money by adding your bezel click spring below!

Introducing the CT700 Starter Pack! This starter pack was created due to a massive amount of requests for a beginning modder to get started in the modding space. Our team has put together one of the most popular combinations of parts to get you started on your modding journey. Happy Modding #seikomodsfamily!

Here’s what’s included!

  • CT700 Drilled Lugs with CE Bezel (fitted)
  • CT208 crown + stem
  • Crystal gasket
  • CT200 case back
  • Case back gasket
  • Spring bars

Complete your build!

  1. Crystal >>
  2. Chapter Rings >>
  3. Movements >>
  4. Dials >>
  5. Hands >>
  6. Bezel Inserts >>
  7. Straps/Bracelets >>


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