CT705 – Crown At 3 Case V2 – Polished/Brushed


Description – CT705 (aka 701 V2) seikomods.com in-house designed crown at 3 case. Drilled through lugs** – Tested to 300M with standard oem 2.8mm crystal Compatible with all SKX007 OEM parts and the majority of aftermarket parts*** 22mm lugs

Complete with springbars, case back gasket and crystal gasket. Crystal gasket fitted into the case

**Drilled Through Lugs for easy bracelet and strap changes reducing the risk of scratching/damaging your case

*** We can pretty much guarantee 100% our CT manufactured parts and Seiko OEM SKX007 parts will fit. Most reputable aftermarket manufacturers parts will also be ok, but we cannot 100% guarantee this as in some instance’s tolerance build up/variation exists that can be problematic – bezels being a particular area that can be tricky. We now have 7 different SKX007 bezels in the hope that you may consider purchasing your bezel from us.

  • Material – Case + Back HQ Stainless Steel 316L surgical grade
  • Dimensions – The same dimensions as the SKX007 0020 case – 22mm lug width, lug to lug dimension, thickness, width, height all as SKX007. Moving the crown guard to 3 adds no more than 1mm to the width.
  • INFO – Crown stem length same as SXK007 OEM with 0020 case.
  • Water Resistance – As oem – This case was tested to 300M during development and subsequent testing of actual production cases – no failures were recorded.
  • Suitability – A great basis for a custom build – a mass of SKX007 aftermarket mod parts are available for you to build your DREAM MOD!
  • Additional info – Ideal for building a complete custom 1 off mod.
  • CASE BACKS IMPORTANT NOTECT231 or CT239B with built in spacer are for use with NH35/36 movements with thinner grey movement holder – no need to do anything the movement can drop straight in with the 707-3. If you are using a movement with the thicker black spacer you MUST use an oem case back or our CT200 or CT239A.

What comes included with every case?

  1. 1 x Case
  2. 2 x Fat Spring Bars
  3. 1 x Crystal Gasket – fitted in the case
  4. 1 x Case Back Gasket


  • Hi Polish/Brushed as oem 0020 case


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