CT707A – SKX007 0020 Case Type – No Crown Guards – Crown At 3 – Polished/Brushed


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Save money by adding your bezel click spring below! CT215 is the standard uni-directional click spring. CT216 is a bi-directional click spring.

Description – The brother of the famous and the very first of its kind Crystaltimes Replacement CT700 Case Body – CT707 Now offered with No Crown Guards – crown at 3 position. Drilled through lugs*

*Great for easy strap and bracelet change – reducing the risk of marking/damaging your case.

General Information:

  • Included FREE with every case – Crystal Gasket – Case Back Gasket – 2 x 22mm Fat Spring Bars
  • Material – HQ Stainless Steel 316L surgical grade
  • Finish – High Polish/Brushed
  • Crown Position – 3 o’clock
  • Information – Case Body with Drilled Lugs. All oem parts will fit this case. This is our tribute to the classic oem case. All oem parts are compatible and will fit this replacement case incl the oem Jubilee Bracelet. Takes fat 2.5mm spring bars.
  • NOTE – Aftermarket bracelets with SEL may in some rare instances require a slight adjustment on the SEL as they do even with the oem case in some instances.
  • Water Resistance – As oem – This case was tested to 350M during development and subsequent testing of actual production cases – no failures were recorded.
  • Suitability – Replacement for SKX007 0020 CASE and as a base for a great no crown guard look mods
  • Additional info – Ideal for replacing a badly damaged case or building a complete fantastic mod without having to buy a complete watch and ending up only using the case! We have made some slight improvements to this case over time based on customer feedback. Noted areas are the crown area on the crown at 3 case, and improved brushed/polished finish.
  • CASE BACKS IMPORTANT NOTE – CT231 or CT239B with built in spacer are for use with NH35/36 movements with thinner grey movement holder – no need to do anything the movement can drop straight in with the 707-3. If you are using a movement with the thicker black spacer you MUST use an oem case back or our CT200 or CT239A.
  • BEZEL IMPORTANT NOTE – CT237 DOES NOT work with this case.

9 reviews for CT707A – SKX007 0020 Case Type – No Crown Guards – Crown At 3 – Polished/Brushed

  1. Darren Walford (verified owner)

    Beautiful case, superb quality and fitment for skx aftermarket and genuine parts.. Totally happy!

    Image #1 from Darren Walford
    Image #2 from Darren Walford
  2. Jonathan O’Brien (verified owner)

    loving this case right now, its got a hodge podge of parts in there, but love the look and feel of it with a gen. SKX caseback, and a Minging (Mingware) chinese sapphire

    Image #1 from Jonathan O'Brien
  3. John S. (verified owner)

    Quality well finished case.

  4. Edward Robinson (verified owner)

  5. Lucien (verified owner)

    Beautifull case!

  6. Alan Mellor (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this case and build. The case wears great. Yes it’s 42mm without crown but as the lug to lug is only a little longer, it wears a lot smaller than it is. I decided on a black bay build and thought this case would be perfect. Fitted with a flat top crystal and big crown, it turned out perfect. Quality and fitment are also spot on fitting like they were meant to. Service is also A+ from seikomods as usual. Highly recommended.

    Image #1 from Alan Mellor
    Image #2 from Alan Mellor
  7. Paul E. (verified owner)


  8. Alistair C. (verified owner)

    Super quality case beautifully finished.

  9. zachtan (verified owner)

    Really good case

    Image #1 from zachtan
    Image #2 from zachtan
    Image #3 from zachtan

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