Modding a Watch? Swap Out Your Stock Strap with a NATO One

Opting for a Nato-style woven nylon strap is a great way to switch up your watch’s look. Also known as G-10 straps, these are a comfortable choice for watch wearers. Single-piece NATO straps are often seen on dive watches because they don’t stretch or take long to dry when wet. Watch enthusiasts seek out this Seiko mod part for its aesthetic, comfort, ruggedness, resistance, and aesthetic:


If you are not into diving or jungle trekking, perhaps the most important reason to wear a NATO strap is fashion. Equipping your watch with a NATO band makes you feel ready to take on a daring mission, just like James Bond.

In essence, NATO straps are a great way to customise a watch. They can range from very subtle and sleek to bold and statement-making. No matter your style, you can find a NATO strap to match. They are an easy way to change the look of a watch, making it look more rugged or formal, depending on the design you choose. There is a wide variety of NATO straps to choose from, so you can make your watch look just how you want it.


Anyone can wear any watch comfortably on a NATO strap. It will eventually soften and become even more comfortable, even if tightly woven. Additionally, NATO straps can make even the heaviest watches feel light and comfortable on the wrist.

Outdoor Functionality

Suppose you own a Rolex Explorer and take it to harsh environments, congratulations! You may have noticed, however, that the metal bracelet gets tight and uncomfortable when you’re active or it’s hot. This is a common problem with all metal bracelets unless you have a more advanced model with micro-adjustment and know how to adjust in the middle of the Sahara, which can be uncomfortable.

So while leather straps can be comfortable and adjustable, they won’t withstand sweat and humidity very well. Rubber and sailcloth are better options. The best option, though, is a NATO strap. NATO straps are resistant to heat, cold, dampness, scratches, and impacts and can be washed clean. If they are made to a high standard, they won’t even fray and will dry quickly.


That NATO straps have been used on military dive watches for a long time implies that they are well-suited for this purpose. They are durable and can withstand being submerged in salt and freshwater. They also rinse and dry quickly, so they always look great. Additionally, the extra length of the strap allows the watch to be securely attached to a thick dive suit for easier time and depth tracking, making this Seiko mod a great customisation piece.

To Close

NATO watch straps don’t just look good. They’re useful for outdoor activities like diving, securing your timepiece on the wrist or suit and adapting to its environment while remaining comfortable. If you’re the type who enjoys an outdoor adventure or two, switch your stock strap to a NATO one right now!

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