The Best Custom Seiko Dials for Modding a Bespoke Watch

Watch mod parts are some of the best things to invest in when personalizing a timepiece to fit a person’s aesthetic. Since these functional jewelry pieces are one of a man’s oldest worn luxuries, it only makes sense to want something different. Many people might be shocked at the price of a bespoke Rolex or an Audemars Piguet, but they likely haven’t heard of Seiko mods for a unique wrist piece. 

Seiko mod parts set this Japanese timepiece manufacturer apart from the rest of the brands available. Various models have a healthy selection of components and watch mod parts that can change standard factory variants’ looks. This brand is also one of the more reliable ones for its price, so you won’t break the bank while looking good. Here’s a basic guide to modding your piece using custom Seiko dials to give it a unique aesthetic:

First Off, What Is the Dial?

The dial is also known as the face of the watch. It typically shows the hour and second markers in tandem with the chapter ring and works in tandem with the bezel for diver’s watches. Seiko’s timepieces may look plain and quite dull from the factory, but a few Seiko mod parts can easily replace this. One of these components that definitely give a beautiful look is custom dials. An example is how the world-renowned SKX007 only comes in practically one dial, a black one reminiscent of the Rolex Submariner. 

What allows the SKX007 to beat the Rolex Submariner is its customization aspect. Custom Seiko dials come in various colors, and they can definitely give a burst of life to a watch that hundreds of thousands of people own. 

The Best Custom Seiko Dials for a Unique Timepiece

Nowadays, people go crazy for excellent colors that can brighten up the face of a watch. Nothing can beat the functional nature of having an AQUALUME dial, which provides luminous properties to read time in the dark. It doesn’t mean you have to be a deep-sea diver to own one of these, but it sure looks cool when walking or driving home at night. Watches have lume to glow at night or in dark spaces, with the tech having different variants made by various watch manufacturers. 

Another beautiful dial that will give a Seiko timepiece some depth and texture is a sandwich dial with a colorful face on top with cut-outs for luminous material to shine through. This part is especially nice if you don’t want a completely glowing face at night to stay low-key, as only the hour indicators and four numbers are visible while glowing. 

Those who love a little bit of luxury ingrained in their watch will appreciate custom Seiko dials like the black-faced one with gold accents around the hour indicators. Pair this with a beautifully-made chapter ring from SeikoMods, and you’ll have something that will make people look twice. People who wear suits and other wrist accessories that are gold will love the extra subtle addition this component adds to the watch. 


Custom Seiko dials are a fantastic addition to any factory Seiko, with the capabilities of turning any compatible model into something bespoke. People enjoy SeikoMods selection because of how broad the parts selection is, and the various watch dials will definitely strike a chord with horological enthusiasts. 

SeikoMods is a purveyor of bespoke Seiko mod parts with a healthy selection of custom dials and other components. Whether you’re new to the modding scene or a seasoned veteran, there’s always something for you on our website. View our catalog to find out more. 

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