Learn and Discover All about the Best Seiko Mod Cases Today

Watch personalisation is popular among collectors since it expresses distinctiveness. This may be a reason why we witness all the hype surrounding Seiko modding today.

Seiko watches are well-known and simple to customise. These watches can be customised anywhere, and components include straps, cases, bezels, crowns, dials, and hands. Cases, for one, are significant because it protects the watch from wear and tear.

Learn and discover all about the best Seiko mod cases today.

Crown Guard SKX Rose Gold Conversion Case

Rose gold Crown Guard SKX Conversion Cases are sophisticated. It fits the bulk of genuine SKX007 and SKX009 parts, making it a great Seiko mod casing. As a result, you won’t have to look for other watch components that match this casing.

With a brushed top and polished sides, the housing is delicate. Its high-quality stainless steel construction makes it both durable and appealing.

Crystaltimes Crown At 3 Case V3 Color Black

All SKX007 components are compatible with the Crystaltimes design. The black finish and 3 o’clock crown make it look elegant.

Seiko mod fans use this case for unique designs. Also impressive is 316L surgical steel with a black finish. It complements and fits current components.

Crystaltimes SKX007 0020 Case Type

A stainless steel Seiko mod case serves as the Crystaltimes Replacement Casing. It is more suitable for replacing badly damaged Seiko cases. Seiko collectors and aficionados will like it as well.

This product’s design was improved as a result of customer feedback. This item’s water resistance and better brushed and polished surface are obvious. Your watch will look great and be resistant to drops, shattering, and immersion with these specs.

Crystaltimes SKX013 To Mini Sub Conversion Case

One of the best mod cases today is the Mini Sub Conversion Case. The case comes either polished or brushed, depending on the preferred style.

Because it has a crown at 3 o’clock, the crown at 4 o’clock on the original dial needs to be adjusted. Your watch will survive longer and avoid damage due to its solid construction and water resistance.

Despite its simplicity, this shell allows for countless watch variations. It enables the SKX013 to be customised as a Mini Sub.

Crystaltimes SKX007 to SRP Turtle Conversion Case Blue Ocean Set

SKX007 is reasonably priced. You can convert it at a variety of watch retailers and shops. From the Blue Ocean Set, select the SRP Turtle Conversion Case. The SRP Turtle Conversion Case offers numerous improvements to SKX007 owners. Additionally, the ocean blue tint of this Seiko mod case is a unique option for those looking for something different.

SKX007 Mariner Master Inspired Conversion Case Sandblasted Black

Your SKX007’s Mariner Master-inspired casing makes it a more appealing timepiece. Seiko watches have crowns at 3 o’clock. Despite its modest appearance, its black sandblasting finish distinguishes it. It distinguishes and appeals to this bodily situation.

Except for bracelets, this SKX007 converter box is compatible with SKX009 accessories. This is one of the reasons why the design of this Seiko mod case is appealing.

SKX007 Samurai Conversion Replacement Case Matte Black

Glossy clocks can draw attention. A matte finish is possible. Original Samurai Conversion Case can be used in place of SKX007. It is made of 316L matte-black stainless steel.

This Samurai Conversion Case accepts both original and aftermarket SKX007 components. Because this case is incompatible with the original metal band, you may need to replace it.

SKX007 Sandblasted Replacement Case

This sandblasted stainless steel watch replacement case will extend the life of your watch. If you want to change the look of your SKX007 watch, this sandblasting casing gives you a lot of alternatives, with the SKX007 being interchangeable with SKX009 parts.

SKX013 Gold Sub Style Replacement Case

The best feature of this SKX013 sub-style replacement casing is adored by Seiko modders. For longevity, its golden enclosure is composed of high-quality stainless steel. This watch casing’s polished sides and brushed top add to its beauty and craftsmanship.


When it comes to your watches, you want style and functionality. As such, get the best Seiko mod cases in handy. Now that you know which cases to get, you can have one for every mood, occasion, and preference.

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