The Best Seiko Watches for Modding: Part 1

Watches come in many shapes and sizes, and some brands are arguably better than others. For some watch enthusiasts, it’s essential that the watches they get can be mixed and matched. In short, they want watches that can be modded. 

Luckily, many brands allow you to mod their watches, and one of those brands is Seiko. Seiko is a household name in the watchmaking industry. The brand found its humble beginnings in Japan and later became one of the well-known watch brands in the world. 

What exactly are the Seiko watches that you can mod? In this article, we’ll shed some light on the matter. Read on below to learn more.

#1 – Seiko SKX007 

The SKX007 is a modernized version of the Seiko 5 dive watch. The watch was released to the public in 1996. For a time, it ceased to be manufactured, only returning to the market in 2011. However, the SKX007 remains to be one of the most recognizable Seiko watches. Another great thing about this watch is that it’s affordable despite it being a luxury variant.

The watch case is constructed from stainless steel and has a measurement of 42.5mm wide. Aside from that, it also has a lug-to-lug length of 46mm. For this reason, it’s also one of the bigger watches in Seiko’s stock, but it’s still very comfortable to wear.

The dial is also apparent, as well as the dots marking the numbers. A noticeable feature is the time depiction for 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, 9 o’clock, and 12 o’clock, respectively. The 6 and 9 o’clock positions are marked with long ovals, while the 3 o’clock mark tells the day and date. As for the 12 o’clock, it’s marked with a triangle.

#2 – Seiko SKX009

The SKX009 is a variation of the SKX007 above. It’s very identical, and it’s also an updated variant of the five series. However, there’s still one significant difference between the two, which is the bezel. The SKX009’s bezel is Seiko’s iconic “Pepsi-style,” which is deep blue. The deep blue color runs between 4 o’clock to 12, while the red runs from 12 o’clock to 4.

Since there’s not much difference between the SKX007 and the SKX009, we’ll tell you the criteria of what makes a good dive watch instead. The most important criteria for a good dive watch is to have 200-meter deep water resistance.

An ISO-rated dive watch must also meet other standards. These are:

  • A unidirectional bezel, with marks every 5 minutes and at least one pre-selected marking. This is important because it allows you to track your time underwater. Additionally, a unidirectional bezel will enable you to go back to the surface sooner than later if it gets accidentally moved.
  • A luminous second hand because it allows you to look at your watch in darkness when underwater. Additionally, visibility at a distance of 25cm in darkness is also essential so that you can read the watch underwater.
  • Magnetic resistance is also essential because a lot of dive gear and equipment are magnetized. If a dive watch is magnetized, it will stop and lead you to jeopardy underwater.


Seiko watches are a versatile brand, and the fact that you can mod them reinforces why it’s a household name. Just make sure that the mod parts you’ll use are appropriate for your watch, or it can break. If you’re wondering why there are only two watches on this list, don’t worry because the article has a second part—with that, stay tuned for more!

A mod case is one of the many mods you can fit your Seiko watch with. If you’re looking for a Seiko mod case, Seiko Mods has got your back! We offer a wide variety of mod parts for many Seiko watches. Contact us today to learn more!

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