The Best Seiko Watches to Mod and Boost Your Wrist Game – Part 1

If you’re new to the wonders of watches and have a growing obsession with brands like Seiko, then it’s worth trying your hand at modding as it opens up exciting ways to transform your timepieces to something more uniquely fitting to your style. 

If watchmakers strive to push their craft’s functionality and beauty, aspiring modders like you can also try to make your own tweaks to make your watch truly your own. For wrist-takers who are ready to explore modding and all its benefits, then the list of Seiko watches below should help push you in the right direction as the models are practically made to be modded!

Top Seiko Watches Best for Modding – Part 1

1. SKX007-SKX009 

One of the most iconic and modified Seiko watches to date, the SKX007/SKX009, is a perennial choice for modders as it checks all the boxes on what makes a bang for buck timepiece. With a reliable 200m water resistance and bulletproof 7S26 movement, this model truly maximises the value of Seiko’s excellent line of dive watches. 

The SKX007 is a chunky watch with its 4.5-pound weight and 39mm diameter, though it looks pleasantly bold to wear. It also has excellent parts, while its twin counterpart SKX009 offers more visually interesting colourways for those who want a more trendy look. The SKX007 may be discontinued, but all the mod parts available make it possible to build your own!

2. SNK809 

One of the smaller Seiko watches that looks delicate on the wrist, the SNK809, only has a 37mm case diameter and 43mm length. It follows a simple and sleek design that can be versatile for different tastes, making it the go-to choice for everyday watch wear! The straightforward design, however, leaves plenty of room to dial up the style with some modifications. 

3. SARB025 Alpinist Automatic Timepiece 

Ruggedly charming and simple, Seiko’s SARB025 Alpinist is a favourite among automatic watch lovers, thanks to its sophisticated appeal. Wearing the SARB025 Alpinist gives you a taste of retro-style luxury, but you can add your modern touches to boost its aesthetics and functionality with its wide range of moddable parts. 

4. SKX007K2 Diver’s Watch 

One of the best automatic diver’s watches from Seiko with a water resistance of up to 200 meters, the durable timepiece is made for ocean-driven adventures with its solid screw-down case back, crown, and Hardlex crystal. Of course, you can always push its durability and functionality to the next level by modding the watch with a ceramic crystal, but you can turn it into a stylish, techno-focus timepiece by going bezel-less too.

The Bottom Line: Exploring the Best Moddable Seiko Watches 

Seiko watches are one of the most accessible timepieces that can suit every style and budget, but some models take it further with their highly moddable parts. If you’re looking for ways to upgrade your watch’s performance and visual appeal, then have fun modding the list we mentioned above, as they’re sure to make your watch collection more exciting. 

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