The Best Seiko Watches to Mod and Boost Your Wrist Game – Part 2

SKXJ vs SKXK - Source: Watch Gecko

Watch enthusiasts and collectors know that Seiko is one of the most universally loved timepieces for its diversity—from its wide budget range, colourful styles, and different levels of craftsmanship. Whether you’re into everyday time beaters, durable dive watches for thrill-seekers, or a luxurious piece for extravagant occasions, Seiko has it all. 

Beyond the variety of Seiko’s long-standing catalogue of note-worthy watches, fans of this world-renowned Japanese brand know that their line-up also offers some of the most exciting pieces to upgrade for modders. We’ve already explored the most popular Seiko watches to mod in our previous article, so this is a continuation of the extensive series that you can fine-tune to match your style. 

Top Seiko Watches Best for Modding – Part 2

1. Seiko SRP777 “Turtle” Watch 

The “Turtle” watch is an emblematic piece among Seiko’s SRP series as it captures the eyes with its visually arresting design. The white dials set against a dark backdrop makes the entire watch face pop, plus the movement is truly one of a kind. The premium materials give it a refined finish, one that feels and functions like a luxurious timepiece.

Of course, modding the SRP777 is also an exciting experience as it can dial up the watch’s appeal even further. From rotating bezels, gold-plated rim, and more, modding Seiko’s SRP777  is the best way to personalise this nearly perfect watch. 

2. Seiko 5 Automatic Dress Watch

Fans of automatic watches will surely recognise the Seiko 5 Automatic Dress watch, which embodies the brand’s penchant for flexible design. It’s an upgrade from the classic Seiko 5, though overhauling the parts can make this model especially unique. It has a stainless-steel case that measures 41mm, a standard pick that can be upgraded to match your lifestyle. 

As for the watch face, you’ll see two small-sub dials with a blue timer, while the additional small second’s indicators make it easy to read time at a glance. Since the watch only has a water resistance of 100 meters, this is best used for everyday, sporty wear. 

3. Seiko Prospex SRP777K1 Diver’s Automatic Watch

A timepiece designed to keep up a fast-paced, active lifestyle, the Prospex SRP777K1 Diver’s Automatic watch is an impressive choice as you can’t go wrong with its unprecedented craftsmanship and striking style. Seeing as it falls under Seiko’s professional-grade line-up, the higher-quality finish and level of functionality make it fun to mod for those who want to push this beauty’s capabilities. 

The Bottom Line: The Wonders of Modding Seiko Watches 

When it comes to exploring modding options for Seiko watches, the list above points you to some of the best choices that can get you started on your modding journey. See what kind of transformation you can make to your favourite timepieces by checking out quality mod parts that can set you up for a successful modding project!

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