The Black x Orange Mod: Modding an SKX007 Seiko Watch

The Seiko SKX007 is popular with wristwatch enthusiasts as it’s the first one built to withstand deeper waters, having a 200-meter diving limit—considering it as one of the best diver’s watches in the world. The model is proof of functional minimalism—it has a solid case made of heavy stainless steel. Even if it’s an entry-level Seiko watch, it proves worthy of being worn due to its exceedingly well-made face.

Although the SKX007 model is already excellent on its own, modding should provide it with a better look, maximising the colours black and orange. Black watches go with any colour possible, but pairing it with something bright as orange will bring more timepiece fans to life. The overall black appearance offers the timepiece a modern yet classic look.

Take a closer look at the beloved watch below.

The Modded Parts

1. The Watch Hand

The mod requires to leave the hour and minute hands untouched while changing the second hand into an orange-coloured variety. The colour coincidentally echoes the water-resistance rating on the dial, making its face eye-catching under all the black mod.

2. Bezel and Bezel Insert

The mod will replace SKX007’s original bezel with a knurled thin profile black bezel. Pairing it with a Type D stainless steel diver bezel insert should provide a stylish matte and metallic finish. The glossy minute markings protrude from the insert, contrasting the gritty background and the all-black insert.

3. Strap

You can complete the look by getting a new strap to pair well on an all-black ensemble. Therefore, installing a black parachute strap gives a military look while exuding activewear all over its face.

How to Mod the SKX0007 Seiko Watch?

1. Open the Case

There are various tools used to open a case back. However, you must choose the most suitable opener based on the type of watch case involved. For the SKX series, an opener with a screw-in case back should do the job correctly. Afterwards, remove the stem and crown and extract the movement assembly from the case.

2. Take Out the Watch Hands

Since the project requires changing the second’s hand, you must remove all the original hands first to make way for the change. It is a delicate component; taking out only the second hand may lead to damage, such as dents or bends.

Next, adjust the watch hands for them to end parallel, then place the dial protecting the sheet underneath all the watch hands to protect it from scratches. Lastly, place the hand removal tools under the hour hand and keep both tools balanced while prying the components off.

3. Place the Second Hand

After getting the other components out, install the second hand and bring back the hour and minutes hand. Using the installation tool, press the pieces together onto their post.

4. Replace the Bezel and Bezel Insert

Once the inner components are back together, work on the bezel and bezel insert next. Using a watch case knife, pry the bezel off and replace it with the new part. Apply an adhesive to the new insert and align it to the new bezel. Press firmly onto the bezel and secure the installation.

5. Change the Strap

To finish the project, change the wristwatch’s strap to your desired strap colour. However, make sure to lock the components well to avoid them from separating while in use.


Modding watches are an excellent way to express individuality and style. Although Seiko watches are already good as is, adding a bit of your sense of style in every watch offers a unique identity to the device, making it your own. By modding an SKX007 Seiko unit, you can mix the darkness of black and the vividness of orange to make both colours pop on your wrist.

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