The Different Ways to Clean Your Seiko Watch

If you own a Seiko, you possess one of the most rugged consumer-grade watches on earth. Whether you added some Seiko mod parts or kept it all stock, these timepieces are the investment of a lifetime and will be on your wrist until the end of your days. Provided that you take good care of your watch, it will last a long time, so be sure to clean it as often as you can.

Cleaning a watch is an excellent way to keep the exterior looking clean and shiny, and it keeps its resale value at a high price. Overall, the fewer scuffs and scratches it receives, the better it will look over time. Here’s more information about cleaning your timepiece and when to do it:

Do Watches Need to Be Cleaned?

Watches develop plenty of gunk and grime over the days of its use. If you are an outdoor adventurer who loves getting down and dirty, you’ll definitely need to clean it more than the average watch wearer. Sometimes, you might find that your timepiece develops a funky smell, usually due to the bacterial build up in the strap and the case-back areas. Depending on how much you sweat, you’ll have to run a cleaning routine more often to prevent the watch’s condition from degrading.

Additionally, if you own a diving watch like the renowned Seiko SKX007 and take it for dives, you’ll need to soak it in clean water to remove the saltiness caused by seawater. The saline nature of the ocean can degrade o-rings, which will cause water to enter the timepiece if left to deteriorate. Fortunately, you can purchase replacement gaskets in the SeikoMods web store for any damaged Seiko seals.

Methods to Clean a Watch

There are different ways to clean a watch, and depending on how much time you have, you can use various methods to remove gunk and grime each day. Here are some of the most common ways of cleaning timepieces:

  1. Give Your Timepiece a Wipe Down Every Night

A quick and easy way to clean a watch’s exterior is to wipe it down with wet wipes that are antibacterial or soak it quickly and wipe it down with a nice microfiber cleaning cloth. This method is the easiest way for those with a busy schedule, as it takes only a few minutes to do every night and will keep nasty smells from proliferating. Doing a few runs around the case-back and even the bracelet’s links will remove the residue from wrist sweat that builds up over a day of wearing it.

  1. Do a Light Soap Bath

Soaking your watch after a day doing outdoor activities should always be followed up by a quick soap bath. Lightly adding some mild soap to a bowl of water can help loosen up residues of grime and gunk, making it easier to wipe off. After the soak, you can run a few Q-tips through the harder to reach areas and give it a deeper clean. Running this process once a week is a great way to remove harsh stains and funky smells.

  1. Service Your Watch Quarterly

If you can’t find the time or fail to remember cleaning your watch regularly, you should at least be sending it to a watch service center every quarter to have a deep clean and view the seals’ status. They will also run servicing on the movement in case it receives magnetization or other damages. If you have experience with DIY, you can even purchase the right watch mod parts on SeikoMods to service your Seiko yourself.


Your watch will develop plenty of dirt over time, which means that you’ll want to clean it to preserve its exterior beauty and elegant nature. Whether you decide to sell the timepiece down the road or not, keeping it in good condition is always the best way to go.

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