The Elephant In The Room – The Seiko SKX013

The SKX007 is everyone’s favorite daily driver. That watch is a perfectly-sized diver’s watch that can be used daily, and everyone knows the great history behind it. For its price and what features are on it, the SKX line is arguably the best watch for the money. However, not many people know about the SKX013, which doesn’t get the visibility it should.

While the 007 has plenty of reviews around the internet and is quite well known in the watch community, the fact that the 013 doesn’t get attention as much should be a crime. This brother of the world-renowned SKX007 is known as a mid-size diver’s watch and is a smaller alternative to the 007. Those with smaller wrists will be pleased to know that the SKX013 is smaller, yet boasts features comparable to its larger brother.

Quick SKX013 Facts

This watch has a stainless steel case with a diameter of 37mm and a thickness of 13mm. Its movement is a 7s26 non-hackable movement that is made in-house by Seiko engineers, giving it unrivaled quality. The power reserve is a whopping 41 hours and ticks at a frequency of 21,600 beats per hour. Like the SKX007, it does not feature a manual wind system, meaning once that 41 hours runs dry, you will have to wear it and move it around to get it pumping again.

The Case Style

Thanks to its stainless steel case that is alternating between brushed and polished surfaces, the SKX013 will immediately catch the eyes of a wristwear enthusiast. The level of build quality shows no surprise, as this is another one of Seiko’s masterfully produced timepieces, and it shows on every inch. We’d like to think the proportions of the case style work together in harmony much better than the SKX007, with the longer lugs giving it a vintage look that is welcoming to see.

The Bezel

The bezel is the same unidirectional bezel and has the same delightful clicks when setting the dive timer as other dive watches made by Seiko. You will undoubtedly find yourself tinkering with it and setting the time as if you were down in the depths during a boring meeting or at a boring part of a movie. The ridges are the same as the ones you find on the SKX007, which make gripping the bezel and turning it a breeze.

The Crown

The crown is placed at the 4 o’clock mark, which is rather uncommon for watches but a welcome addition nonetheless. Thanks to its screw-down mechanism, you won’t be accidentally knocking the crown out of place and allowing water to enter the case. Setting the time and date is easy, with individual notches available after unscrewing the crown and pulling it away from the case.

The Dial

Sporting a classic diver’s dial, the SKX013 boasts a contrast-rich matte black color, enhancing all the white features surrounding it. At the 3 o’clock position, you see the day-date aperture as similar to the SKX007. It has the standard luminous features for every hour, with the inverted triangle and the capsule-shaped markings on the 12, 6, and 9 o’clock features to give it definition. The hands also feature the same shapes as the 007 has with the syringe, arrow, and needle shapes for each hand.

The Movement

The best part about the 7s26 movement is its simplicity and durability. With the ease of taking it apart and repairing it, almost any watch craftsman can do work on this and fix it. Sure, it loses 5 seconds a day and only ticks at 21,600 bph, but for what this watch is worth, it’s a steal. There’s no arguing with that!


If you are looking for a watch that fits a smaller wrist, has the same styling as the SKX007, and great features for what it’s worth, the SKX013 is the timepiece for you. Seiko watches are great, and this watch is less talked about as a piece of horological engineering. You’ll be pressed to find something of better value-for-money, so grab one if you can!

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