The Essential Seiko Modding Guide for Newbies: Part 1

Ever since the introduction of its famous dive watch line more than 55 years ago, Seiko has been on a long journey that has helped it attain momentous achievements. 

Seiko is the leading Japanese timepiece manufacturer that sells millions of pieces worldwide, and every milestone that the brand has reached is nothing short of incredible. One particular development that stands out, however, is Seiko’s role in encouraging and helping build the world of watch modding.

What is Watch Modding?

If you’re keen on making your beloved timepiece a more personal and unique accessory, it pays to know more about what modding is all about.

Short for the word “modifying”, watch modding is a term that encapsulates the process of changing a watch’s mechanics and aesthetics to create a finished product that’s significantly different from the original factory model. With this process, mod enthusiasts’ watches can perfectly reflect their personality, tastes, and preferences.

Over time, the world of modding has been continually refined thanks to the active encouragement of Seiko for wearers to customize their pieces. And, it’s safe to say that we’re only seeing the beginning of what can become a multi-billion dollar industry beloved by timepiece collectors all around the world! 

Explaining the Rise of Seiko Diver Modding

Seiko is synonymous with high-quality, bulletproof divers that everyday Joes and collectors love, but its image as a founding figure of modding is becoming widespread. Thanks to the advent of mod part manufacturing and the customizability of its latest models, to say that Seiko Diver Modification is on the rise is an understatement. 

With new generations of watch wearers, collectors, and enthusiasts customizing their Seiko divers, there’s are various key factors at play that are responsible for the development in question: 

Low Barriers To Entry: The world of Seiko diver modding is widely renowned for being an open community where parts are accessible and base watches are very affordable. If you want to get started with modifying, then you’re in for a surprise because you won’t need more than $100 to $200 to get a piece and the additional parts!

Guaranteed Aesthetic Appeal: Another reason watch modding has a growing fanbase is that every project is always guaranteed to look great because of the pre-existing quality and design aesthetics Seiko divers have. By simply adding a new bezel, changing a watch glass, or getting a set of upgraded links set in, modding your timepiece will always yield satisfactory results.

Limitless Assortment Of Parts: One of the main factors that have paved the way for the advent of Seiko diver modding is the nearly unlimited range of available components and upgrades in the market today. When you take a look at Seiko Mods’ online shop, for instance, you’ll quickly realise that you won’t run out of options to build your set-up with—which is why many are flocking to try it out.

(This is the first part of a two-part guide on Seiko Watch Modding—stay tuned for part two!)


Today, Seiko diver modding stands out as one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world of Haute Horlogerie—and for good reason. If you want to make the most out of your watch and experience it on a completely different level, then you should take this as a sign to get started on a modding project today! 

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