The Legendary SKX007 and Why You Should Modify It

Watch modding allows people to express themselves and their love for watches. It involves taking a pre-existing watch and customising it with different parts, components, and designs to make it look and feel unique to the wearer. People who do this usually have a passion for watches and the craftsmanship behind them, and they enjoy the challenge of customising a watch to make it their own.

Now, if you’re looking to get your hands on a great timepiece to customise, then the Seiko SKX007 is a great choice. But why do we suggest this particular model when there are hundreds, if not thousands, to pick from? Let’s find out.

Seiko, the Watchmaking Legend

Seiko is a well-known watch brand that has been around since the 1800s. They started by making clocks and have since moved on to making wristwatches. Seiko was the first company to come out with quartz watches and chronographs. Additionally, Seiko invented Kinetic models, which are a combination of quartz and automatic watches.

It was also during this time that they released the legendary SKX line of watches, one of them being the SKX007.

The Incredible Seiko SKX007

The SKX007 stands out from the crowd, possessing a screw-down at the bottom right of the watch face. Not only is it an incredible value for a dive watch, with a 200M water resistance and a 7s26 movement, but it also has a storied history.

The Seiko SKX007 has become a highly sought-after timepiece since its launch in 1996. Its design features have been embraced by watch enthusiasts, creating a devoted following that has led to the popularity of watch-modding. Now, several businesses offer custom parts for the SKX007, from bezels to chapter rings to dials and crystals, allowing enthusiasts to customise their SKX007s to their exact specifications.

Why You Should Consider Modding the SKX007

Upgrading the SKX007 watch is a great idea because it’s easy to do and won’t cost much. There are lots of aftermarket parts and accessories available to customise the look and feel of the watch. The SKX007 is also relatively inexpensive, so it’s a great way to get a stylish watch without breaking the bank.

If you’re seeking to make a change to your timepiece, consider swapping out the mineral crystal glass with a sapphire crystal glass. This will upgrade the quality of the watch and provide a much better view. The SKX007 also comes with a basic crown, but you can upgrade it with a more ornamental one if desired.

Of course, don’t limit yourself to just these mods. There are just so many other ways you can make the SKX007 truly unique, from swapping the bands out to change the dial and more.


The SKX007 is a great watch to upgrade because it’s affordable, and there are plenty of parts and accessories available to customise it. From swapping out the mineral crystal glass with a sapphire one to changing the crown and bands, there are many ways to make the SKX007 truly yours. With a few minor modifications, you can have a watch that looks like a million bucks without spending a fortune.

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