The Role of Lug Width in Customizing Your Seiko Watch

When it comes to customizing a Seiko watch, lug width may not immediately spring to mind as a key consideration. However, this seemingly minor detail can have a significant impact on both the aesthetics and comfort of your modded Seiko timepiece. This article delves into the nuances of lug width and its implications for Seiko watch modifications.

Lug Width: The Basics

Lug width refers to the distance between the two lugs that hold the watch strap or bracelet in place. Measured in millimeters, common lug widths for Seiko models range from 18mm to 22mm, with popular models like the SKX007 and Turtle SRP777 featuring a 22mm lug width.

  • Compatibility: A proper lug width ensures that your choice of straps or bracelets will fit seamlessly.
  • Aesthetic Proportions: The lug width must complement the watch’s case diameter and overall design for visual harmony.
  • Wearing Comfort: The width can affect how the watch sits on your wrist, thus impacting comfort.

The Role of End Links

In the context of watch modding, end links serve as a crucial transitional element between the watch case and the bracelet. Their profile can significantly affect which bracelet options are compatible with your Seiko watch model.

  • Flush Fit: End links that are perfectly contoured to the shape of your Seiko’s lugs will offer a seamless, flush fit, giving your watch a well-integrated and professional appearance.
  • Universal vs. Custom: While universal end links may fit a range of lug widths, custom end links are designed to perfectly match the contours of specific Seiko models, such as the SKX007 or the Turtle SRP777.
  • Aesthetic Impact: The design of the end links—whether they’re solid, hollow, or have a specific shape—can change the entire look of your modded watch.

A Modder’s Considerations

Understanding lug width is crucial for anyone looking to modify their Seiko watch. Here are key points to consider:

  1. Strap Options: A standard lug width, like 22mm, offers a plethora of strap options, from NATO to leather and metal bracelets.
  2. Visual Balance: Depending on the case size and design, different lug widths can either enhance or detract from the watch’s aesthetics.
  3. Specialized Hardware: For some unique lug widths, modders may have to seek specialized strap adapters or spring bars.

Lug Width Across Popular Models

  • SKX007: Known for its 22mm lug width, this model allows for robust straps that match its rugged dive watch persona.
  • Turtle SRP777: Also featuring a 22mm lug width, the Turtle’s cushion-shaped case pairs beautifully with a variety of strap options.
  • SKX013: With a smaller 20mm lug width, this model calls for straps that don’t overpower its more compact case.

Finding the Perfect Fit

When purchasing straps or bracelets from our online shop, always consult the lug width specifications. We offer a range of options compatible with various Seiko models, allowing you to easily find the perfect match for your modding project.


Lug width plays a pivotal role in Seiko watch customization, impacting everything from strap options to overall aesthetics and comfort. Whether you’re a seasoned modder or a novice, understanding the lug width of your chosen Seiko model is an essential step in the modding process.

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