The Seiko SRPD: An Unexpected Timepiece That Surprises Wearers

Once a humble means of clockwork, Seiko has since developed into an unstoppable force that provides consumers with some of the most striking timepieces available. While affordable, there is nothing cheap about a Seiko watch.

Superb and with incredible features, bidding a Seiko timepiece goodbye is never easy, which was the case with the SKX007 line of dive watches. The good news is, you won’t find any shortage of stunning watches with the new Seiko 5 line. If you’re eyeing the latest Sports, Specialist, Suits, Street, and Sense styles, here is what you need to know!

An Unexpected Player

Despite Seiko’s line of high-technology dive watches, these were typically overshadowed by the more cost-effective SKX. Thus, it was a surprise to many to see the line go, despite its apparent capabilities. Though a bold move, Seiko was determined to revolutionize the company, having set their sights on the bigger picture.

Along Comes the SRPD

New to the sports line is the SRPD, which many believed to be a downgrade from the ever-renowned SKX. Though its mods are compatible, the watch took a hit for its seemingly limited features. The most significant difference was in its underwater capabilities, thanks to a push-pull crown and a few other unpopular nuances. Many overlooked its sterling features. In reality, the SRPD is no downgrade at all.

It’s a Toned-Down Version of the SKX007

Let’s be real—did you use your SKX007 for diving 200 meters deep? Probably not. Plus, some of Seiko’s other timepieces can go even deeper.

While the SRPD isn’t nearly as burly or robust as the SKX, it makes for an excellent beginner enthusiast-friendly watch. Though less expensive, you achieve the same Seiko mods part potential with the SRPD with a drop-in fit save for its crown and stems.

As a coming-of-age present, there is nothing like the SRPD!

It’s Capable of More Than You Think

Despite the protests against the discontinuation of the SKX007, the SRPD is proving itself to be far more capable than buyers first realized. For the average watch-user looking to get into the habit of building their timepiece collection of indulging in Seiko mods, the SRPD is an excellent introductory piece that costs less than most.

Among the benefits of owning an SRPD are as follows. First, you get Seiko’s beloved Hardlex mineral crystal lens, which makes the timepiece more shatter-proof than most. Plus, you’ll find no shortage of colors, finishes, and textures in this lineup—perfect for modders who love to get a little adventurous.

Its automatic mechanical movement also boasts a 40-hour power reserve, which is far beyond the capabilities of your typical entry-level watch. 


Overall, the SRPD line is just as wearable as its predecessor, with a few changes that make it genuinely unprecedented and exciting. While you might be missing the reliable SKX, a little patience takes this powerhouse a long way.

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