The Seiko SRPD Part 2: The Works

Now that we have part one all covered and you are aware of what makes the SRPD a contender in its category, here is a review on what it is like to wear one and what you can do with it. The best part about the SRPD is that it takes plenty of elements from the SKX, which gives people the nostalgic feeling of the beloved predecessor. The similar aesthetic makes the Seiko mod parts available on websites like SeikoMods almost fully compatible.

The Japanese watchmaker clearly considered the popularity of the SKX before jumping into the Seiko 5 line, as they knew the toned-down version would be a hit either way. With no mod parts wasted, the SRPD can be turned into a watch that fits anyone’s personality.

The Overall Build Quality

What can we say? It’s a Seiko. Never have they ever cheaped out on a watch build, and despite this being a slightly more affordable version of the SKX007, they left nothing out. Sans a few features, the build quality is fantastic. The case is sturdy and feels lovely with a nice 42.5mm size made of steel, and it comes with a display back that shows you the heart of the watch.

Instead of the previous 200m water-resistance, this was slashed down to 100m. This downgrade has caused outrage among the Seiko community, but really, no one dives that deep anyway. There is still no sapphire crystal available, as it comes retrofitted with Seiko’s Hardlex crystal, and an easy fix is by purchasing a sapphire SRPD crystal from SeikoMods.

The bezel is similar to the styling of the SKX007, with bold lines that are highly visible and minute indicators that indicate 10-minute intervals. The top of the bezel has a luminous patch that allows visibility in low light. Turning the unidirectional bezel is satisfying and will make great clicks that will have you continually turning it.

The Movement

When it comes to the Seiko 5 line, the engineers have crafted a new movement built in-house like every other movement they produce. What is coined the 4R36, this movement likewise includes the day and date function that the SKX007 had. It is an excellent movement for what it’s worth, and while it isn’t the best in the world, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better automatic movement that comes in a watch this affordable.

The 4R36 has actually been praised for being a generational jump over the 7S26 that powered the SKX line. While the SRPD may not have the depth of its predecessor or certain other features that SKX lovers wanted, the movement is undoubtedly better. Offering hand-winding and hacking with a 40-hour power reserve, this watch has a more accurate time than the SKX007.

How It Looks When Worn

It feels just like any other SKX. It looks similar, and it definitely feels premium for its class. Those who have boycotted the SRPD line clearly have not even considered trying it on, as this is a masterfully pieced together watch. Despite being a mass-produced model to be offered to everyone, there is no difference in quality. Some even choose Seiko over more expensive Swiss luxury watches due to the Japanese timepiece engineers’ pedigree and true nature.


For a brand that almost shut down the entire Swiss watch market, they continue to dominate today’s world in their own way. While many believe that the SRPD is a downgrade from the SKX, it might be one if you are a deep-sea diver. Otherwise, this makes for a perfect gift to a son, a brother, a friend, or a father. With full modding potential and similar Seiko mod parts to the SKX007, this is definitely a challenger in any arena.

Seiko mod parts are readily available at SeikoMods. If you wish to turn your SRPD, SKX007, SNK, or other Seiko timepieces into an entirely new one, visit our website and view our extensive range of mod parts available.

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