7 Things to Look for When Checking for Authentic Watches

A watch is an essential accessory for many people because it combines aesthetics with function to tell the time. For this reason, all watch enthusiasts go for the ones from luxury brands, such as Seiko. Luxury brands are above most other watches because their names carry a reputation that sets them apart from the rest.

Of course, part of owning a luxury watch is its authenticity. This means the watch has been manufactured by the original brand and not a third party, ensuring the watch is of the highest quality and will last for years. Also, luxury watches have superior craftsmanship and materials that make them stand out. However, the tricky part is determining its authenticity because, nowadays, counterfeiters are coming up with different ways to make fake products nearly identical to the original.

In the case of watches, certain things must be looked at to determine authenticity, including:

#1 – Physical Features

The quality of an authentic timepiece is unmistakable. Inspect the watch for any signs of imperfection in its design, such as uneven edges, poor polishing, or scratches. Ensure the clasp functions correctly and that the crown can be screwed in and out with ease. You should also be able to move the hands of the watch with the time adjuster. The watch is likely inauthentic if any of these features are missing.

When examining a watch, you must ensure all the details are correct. This includes checking the spelling of words, ensuring the markings are clear and not fading, and ensuring the colour is consistent. Additionally, look for signs of low-quality material that might indicate a fake watch. If any of these signs are present, it is best to avoid the purchase.

#2 – Product Specifications

Doing your research before buying a watch is the best way to go. Make sure to look at photos of the watch and read up on what it looks like to ensure you don’t get a fake. Look at the brand’s logos, stamps, and trademarks to ensure you get the real thing. This will help you differentiate between an authentic designer watch and a replica when purchasing.

#3 – Ticking

A genuine watch will not make any ticking sounds when you put it close to your ear. It contains small pieces carefully assembled to create a precise timekeeping mechanism. Fake watches, on the other hand, lack this precision and will make noises that can be heard when you put it close to your ear.

#4 – Weight

A branded watch is constructed with high-quality materials such as precious stones, crystal, gold, silver, and metal alloys and is designed with many intricate parts. This makes it heavier and stronger than an ordinary watch, which is usually much lighter. An authentic watch will always be heavier than a counterfeit watch.

#5 – Model and Serial Numbers

To ensure your watch is genuine, compare the serial number on the case and bracelet. If the numbers match, your watch is legitimate. The serial number is usually located on the back of the watch, but it can sometimes be found on a sticker on the dial.

Consequently, it is possible to tell if a watch is genuine by researching the model number online and comparing it to your watch. Look up the correct model number for your watch and compare it to the one printed on the watch you are checking. If the numbers are different, the watch is likely not genuine.

#6 – Packaging

When opening a watch, the packaging should be the highest quality and look like the pictures online. It should be strong and well-made, not flimsy. Additionally, ensure the paperwork within is printed precisely and accurately, with no fake details or missing warranties and documents.

#7 – Price

Above all else, you must consider the price of a watch. An authentic watch does not come cheap, and you should be wary of watches that are too low in price. You must get a watch from a reputable brand with a valid warranty and a good return policy.


A luxury watch is valuable, so you must consider all factors before purchasing. Finding the perfect watch will not be easy, but it will be worth it because you will have an accessory that matches your outfits. What matters is getting a high-quality watch that meets your needs and preferences.

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