Troubleshooting Possible Issues in Your Seiko Watch Rotors

Rotors are the internal half-circular-shaped device in the back of an automatic watch. As you use and move your watch, the rotor spins in 360 degrees and winds the mainspring, which keeps your watch operational.

From time to time, it can get loose. You will hear weird rough noises that signify something is wrong. Fortunately, most Seiko watches, modded or not, can easily be checked and adjusted. All you need are some tools, the right advice, and some patience. Let’s take a look at the issues a Seiko rotor might face and how to solve them.

Detecting Issues with Seiko Rotors

Weird noises are signs of problems in the internal parts of any machine. Watches are no different. If you’ve noticed strange noises coming from your Seiko watch, your watch might potentially have internal issues.

One of the most common issues is loose rotors. Listen for unnatural sounds distinct from standard watch noises.

The rotors are a central part of all automatic watches because they wind the mainspring and store energy. You don’t have to wind your watch continuously. It essentially uses kinetic energy from human motion to keep working.

Testing Your Rotors

In general, watches should not make irregular sounds, even when you shake them. You may hear winding and moving sounds occasionally but not scraping or rattling.

Some Seiko rotors, such as those on models 7S26 and 6r15 may carry some standard operating noise sounds as they work. But they will be quite different from the sounds of malfunctioning motors; more often than not, you may hear a faint rattling in the watch as it is shaken. In many cases, you can do a quick DIY check and fix to alleviate the problem and restore your rotor mechanism to normal.

A Seiko Rotor Quick Fix

You may be able to fix your loose rotor depending on your situation. After determining that there is a loose rotor issue from testing, you have to tighten it and restore it to the right position. You will need a clean, dust-free protective soft mat to keep your Seiko watch parts secure, a watch case opener, and a flat head screwdriver.

Place your watch face down on the protective mat. Using a watch case opener, turn it counterclockwise until the cover loosens out of the back of the watch. Upon opening, you’ll see the half-circle spinning rotor pendulum secured in the centre by a flat head groove screw. 
Test the rotor to gauge its secure base in the middle. Any loose movement means it’s off the thread. Using your flathead screw, screw down the centre locking mechanism. Observe again and make sure the rotor swings properly, rotates and is not loose from its central binding and movement.

Final Notes

Rotors provide 360-degree rotational movement when you use your automatic watch. The rotor winds the mainspring and stores energy for your timepiece. Over time your watch rotor may become disengaged and need a quick fix. You can easily adjust it unless there are deeper issues, which is rare.

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