A Guide to Understanding Your Beloved Seiko Watch’s Origins

Whether attending an important meeting or running errands, you can never go out of the house without wearing a watch. It’s a stylish timepiece that helps you stay organised and punctual. 

If you want a stylish and durable option, it’s always best to buy a Seiko watch. Seiko watches are best known for their high-quality and stylish models worldwide. Unlike other brands from Switzerland, they’re a well-respected brand from Japan. 

However, as you put on your wearable time-teller, you may wonder about your watch’s origins. If you want to satisfy your curiosity, this article will explore where companies manufacture and assemble your beloved Seiko watch. 

Where Does Seiko Create Its Watches?

Seiko is a multinational watchmaking company that produces millions of watches yearly. They originated, and companies manufacture and make Grand Seiko models in Japan. 

However, to meet the high demand for Seiko watches, this company branched out their factories to other nations, with subsidiaries in China, Malaysia, and Singapore. They also have strictly controlled production in these countries to ensure all models have the same excellent quality. 

Moreover, these subsidiaries usually produce the Seiko movement through quartz or mechanical action. 

What Are the Ideal Retail Prices?

Seiko watches sold at a retail price of $838 or lower usually don’t have a large profit margin to be entirely manufactured or assembled in Japan. Since Japan has higher wages than other Asian countries, other companies make cheaper models in foreign countries to maintain a high-profit margin. 

On the other hand, Seiko watches, entirely assembled and manufactured in Japan, have a retail price of $2328.

Where Does the Majority of the Manufacturing Process Happen?

The majority of the manufacturing process happens in Japan. However, Seiko has 100% ownership over the subsidiaries to help brand the watches as ‘Made in Japan.’ This process allows them to uphold the Japanese watches’ prestigious reputation and excellent quality, from the bracelet and case to the tiny quartz crystals. 

How Can You Consider a Watch as ‘Made in Japan?’

To brand a watch as ‘Made in Japan,’ the company must manufacture the time-telling device in Japan. Otherwise, it must come from a 100% Japanese-owned factory in a foreign country. 

How Can You Consider a Watch Made in Switzerland?

While the ‘Made in Switzerland’ title is similar to the ‘Japan-made label,’ the latter differs because they’re easier to acquire. To brand a watch as ‘Made in Switzerland,’ the company must assemble the time-telling device in Switzerland. It must also be a Swiss movement. 

Moreover, 60% of the components and manufacturing costs must be from Switzerland. 

Why Does My Seiko Not Have a Made in Japan Label?

Seiko classifies their watches into two types, namely ‘J’ and ‘K.’ The company would label it with ‘J’ if they made them in Japan. On the other hand, they’ll mark time-telling devices with ‘K’ if they come from foreign countries. 

While the ‘J’ and ‘K’ watches are identical on your wrist, J-branded devices have the ‘Made in Japan’ label inscribed between six and seven on the dial. J-label watches have the word ‘Japan’ written on the case back, while the ‘K’ counterparts don’t. 

While the ‘J’ and ‘K’ watches are highly similar, devices made in Japan can cost more than those made outside of the country, even if it’s the same model. 

Why Do People Love Japan-Made Seiko Watches?

Although they’re slightly more expensive than their ‘K’ counterparts, many people love Japan-made Seiko watches because the ‘Made in Japan’ title has a better sound to them. 

Wearing a Timeless Piece

Several people invest in Seiko watches because of their high-quality materials and durability. Understanding the origins of your beloved Seiko device helps you find a deeper appreciation for the brand. 

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