Watch Bezels: Essential Things You Need to Know

The watch’s bezel is the rotating ring that surrounds the watch’s face and rests atop the crystal. It can be used for several different uses, such as timing events and keeping tabs on the amount of time that has already passed. They come in a wide range of materials, depending on the watch. Although steel and ceramic are the most frequent, some pieces are made of more expensive metals, such as silver or gold.

Bezels can be stationary, removable by snapping or tearing, or rotatable in either direction. Bezels on watches can be plain or embellished with bolts and twists. It can either serve a practical purpose or only aesthetic purposes.

How to Use a Watch Bezel?

On most bezels, there will be a small triangle or line that indicates the starting point. It is located at the 12 o’clock position. Once you have found the starting point, you can begin rotating the bezel. The direction you turn the bezel will depend on your bezel. For instance, it is necessary to rotate specific bezels clockwise, while others must be rotated counterclockwise to function correctly.

Stop at the desired time or distance. Once you have rotated the bezel to the expected time or distance, you can release it, and the bezel will stay in place. The marks on the bezel are parallel to the origin, so you can read them by looking at them. For example, if you use a bezel to track elapsed time, the markings aligned with the starting point indicate how much time has passed.

Bezels can be handy tools, but they can also be confusing. If you are having trouble using a bezel, it is best to consult the owner’s manual or contact the manufacturer.

What Are the Different Types of Watch Bezels? 

The purpose of some bezels may be functional, while others are purely decorative. Here’s a quick breakdown of the numerous watch bezels you could encounter:

A. Fixed Bezel

It is simply a ring that is attached to the watch case. Fixed bezels cannot be rotated.

B. Unidirectional Bezel

It’s a specific fixed bezel that displays the time for the watch’s owner. The bezel has markings on it that correlate to different amounts of time. The bezel can only be turned in one direction, making it impossible for the wearer to reset the time accidentally.

C. Bidirectional Bezel

 It is similar to a unidirectional bezel but can be rotated in either direction. This bezel is often used on dive watches, allowing the wearer to keep track of both the time and their dive time.

D. Tachymeter Bezel

It is another type of unidirectional or bidirectional bezel marked with a scale. Use this scale to determine how fast something moves over a certain distance. Watches designed for racing typically feature tachymeter bezels.

E. Decorative Bezels

They’re usually made from metal or plastic and can be engraved or decorated with gems. Decorative bezels can add a touch of luxury to a watch, but they’re not very functional.


Educating yourself about watch bezels is essential to locate the timepiece that best meets your requirements. Because bezels are available in many materials, dimensions, and designs, you must conduct extensive research before purchasing. A watch bezel is available that is tailor-made to meet your requirements, regardless of what those requirements may be.

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