The Common Types of Watch Jewels, Their Features and Uses

The watch industry is complex and fascinating, and one of its many intriguing components is watch jewels. Watch jewels are precious stones that reduce friction in a watch’s movement. 

Here, we’ll look at the five most common types of watch jewels and their features and uses.

1. Sapphire Jewels

Sapphire jewels are generally made of corundum, a tough and durable mineral. As a result, sapphire jewels are highly resistant to wear and tear and are used in many different types of watches. Sapphire jewels as your new Seiko parts can be exceptionally scratch-resistant, making them an excellent option for watches exposed to dust and other elements.

2. Ruby Jewels

Ruby jewels are also typically made of corundum. However, ruby jewels are slightly softer than sapphire jewels, making them less resistant to wear and tear. Ruby jewels are also often used in luxury watches because of their beautiful colour and lustre.

3. Synthetic Sapphire Jewels

These jewels are made from an artificial version of corundum, which is then cut and polished. Synthetic sapphire jewels are also highly resistant to wear and tear, just like natural sapphire jewels. However, synthetic sapphire jewels are usually less expensive than natural sapphire jewels.

4. Diamond Jewels

Diamond jewels are typically used in high-end watches, as they are the most expensive type of jewel used in watchmaking. Diamond jewels are also the hardest type of jewel, making them very resistant to wear and tear.

5. Quartz Jewels

Quartz jewels are generally made of silicon dioxide and are often used in digital watches. Quartz jewels are also very durable and can withstand high-stress levels, making them perfect for digital watches.

4 Things to Consider in Choosing Your Watch Jewels

Here are four things to look at when selecting the perfect watch jewels and completing your Seiko parts.

1. Quality

This is essential in choosing your watch jewels for your Seiko parts. Make sure to go for high-quality materials that will last years and remain pristine. 

2. Price

It’s essential to consider your budget before purchasing. Watch jewels come in a wide range of prices, and finding a balance between quality and affordability is critical. Consider the type of watch you’re looking for and the features you want, then determine how much you’re willing to spend.

3. Style

This is where you can have some fun. There are many different styles of watch jewels on the market, so take time to explore and find the look that best suits you. You can go for traditional or modern techniques; plenty of options exist. Consider the type of watch you want, and then find a jewel that will complement it.

4. Maintenance

Watch jewels require regular maintenance and care to keep them looking their best. Consider the type of maintenance you’re willing to do, such as polishing and oiling. Also, consider how often you wear your watch and if it needs to be cleaned regularly. This will assist you in determining which type of watch jewels are best for you.


Jewels are essential to any watch, and they should be chosen carefully based on their features and uses. Ruby, sapphire, synthetic ruby, and quartz are all everyday watch jewels with unique features and uses. Knowing the types of gemstones and their qualities can help you decide when to select the right watch jewel for your needs.

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